Saturday, April 29, 2017

Cracked- Poetry by Roxanne Rhoads

I don’t blame you for everything
Goddess knows I have suffered, my life has been hell
But you were the final straw

Makes sense that the one I loved the most,
Hurt me the most

When I needed someone strong to lift me up
You played games with my head and my heart
But I loved you anyway

When I needed someone to hold me in the night
To chase away the terror eating away at me
You lay beside me snoring, oblivious to my pain

I gave you the one thing you wanted
I thought I would be cherished
But I was discarded, 
Nothing more than a vessel

When my soul cried out in agony
You called me names and abused me
Left me alone and suffering

You were the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back
But I stayed anyway

I tried to love, but it hurt too much
I shut it all off
And my body broke

I’m now just a cracked shell
Any empty reminder 
of the vibrant woman I used to be

(c) 2017 Roxanne Rhoads