Thursday, July 20, 2017

Fighting Disease with Whole Food Nutrition By S. Diane Barry

What two things in a person’s diet do you recommend people change right away for optimal health?   

Pink Salt, instead of the adulterated white salt; and use food as vitamins.

Do you think organic is a better choice than regular fresh fruit and vegetables?

Yes, but not easy or cheap - growing your own and farmer's markets when possible.

Vegan is a sticking point. It means no leather, or silk, or any bug type lack of animal. No Fur.  Vegetarian developed different labels like lacto Ovo for egg and dairy but meatless. Plants are important and quality food is important.

Balancing protein is possible with Vegetarianism, but takes combining some plant based proteins for the full spectrum of Amino Acids.   Quality Food, because you are worth it...and that means good cuts of meat, if that's what you want.  Fresh fruits and vegetables instead of processed canned vegetables (not referring to home canned items).

You mention pink Himalayan salt in your book, why is it better than normal table salt?

From all I have read and I continue to read, the raw salt is absorbed by our cells. The white salt is reportedly heated to 2500 degrees, and it restructures the crystals.  I do know that chips and barbeque sauce swells me up and pink salt sheds water from me.

Also, it occurred to me that we all have an electrical frequency?  right?  And Salt increases the flow of electricity? right?  (the potato light bulb science project)  So a properly salty body should conduct it's electrical frequency better, cells should fire better and expel toxins better...and Chakras are also an electrical frequency therapy/ discipline.  We need salt our brains are floating in a salty water and we cry and sweat salt.

The extra minerals in the pink salt seem to make varying differences in each individual, depending on mineral needs. Kinda like a tune up or an oil change and of course good water to flush.  You can bathe with it too.....the body will absorb some.  Cuts will heal, bug bites, less itchy.

List the foods you recommend people add to their diet to fight viruses. 

Basil is antiviral
Oregano is antiviral
Clove Oil fights germs and virus.

Other beneficial foods include: Kim Chi, Cabbage, Brussel sprouts, carrots...Onions and Garlic for those that can eat them.  There's always personal preferences and restrictions. But variety of color and flavor is important, and rethinking why we's not an olympic event, will help guide the foods we eat.  Do you want health or disease?

Cinnamon Sticks boiling on the stove, makes a great tea...and the house smells good.  Use food grade Cinnamon sticks, and not Christmas junk. It's also a good sugar buster.

Fighting Disease with Whole Food Nutrition
My Journey Fighting HIV with Whole Food Nutrition, Herbs and Spices
By S. Diane Barry

Book Description:

I was diagnosed with HIV in January 2005.

Over twelve years later, I’m healthy and doing well.

I don’t have AIDS. My numbers are great.

I did this without prescription medications.


By fighting HIV with whole food nutrition, herbs, spices, and healthy lifestyle choices.

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There are many alternative therapies. I believe that food is the best medicine. Nothing outrageous but a healthy diet of fresh foods, full of nutrition, is a good start. 
Herbs and spices offer medicinal qualities that science seeks to replicate and reproduce. I believe in Mother Nature and choose the most natural options I can afford. Many will argue about the cost of health foods, but I will argue about the cost of health care -a cost I do not have!  I often have to remind myself I am HIV positive.  I am undoubtedly healthier than most of the people I know. I take no prescription medications other than an occasional muscle relaxer for neck pain.  I even rely on a capsaicin or cayenne rub for topical use instead of taking a pill. I only use the medication as a last resort.
Prevention vs. cure is an excellent battle plan if you’re serious about living healthy.
There are many other things that may contribute to my body holding this virus at bay. I am not a cigarette smoker. I am a Vegetarian.  I never was a clean freak, so I don’t use noxious chemicals to clean and pesticides are not my style.

About the Author:

It's 2017 and 12 years after my HIV diagnosis I am still healthy and on no prescription meds for HIV.

I wrote Fighting Disease with Whole Food Nutrition to start a discussion about healthy choices that save lives. Because no one seems to care about that. Not the doctors or specialists, or anyone I tried to contact to expand on why I am so healthy despite being HIV positive.

The answer is food. Real food. Not processed, microwaved, filled with preservatives and chemically created vitamins food. Real, whole, fresh food.

You are what you eat. Eat healthy to be healthy.