Friday, June 22, 2018

Love Is Just A State of Mind: Desperate Housewives Stories of Love by Natasha Brooks

Are you currently binge watching anything on Netflix, Hulu (or elsewhere)? What keeps you glued to the screen?

I am trying to find a balance right now. I must confess…I am a workaholic. Lol. Sometimes I am up late trying to get things done and to meet deadlines that have been set.

However, when I squeeze in time, I love to binge-watch Orange is The New Black on Netflix. It’s a great show. They have a great ensemble of actors that are just incredible at what they do. I have a secret passion for watching prison shows.

Do you prefer movies or TV series?

I prefer to watch TV series and reality shows. There aren’t any good movies that I like right now. When I want to watch a movie I often find myself watching an old movie that I loved from childhood like Grease, Dirty Dancing, or Back to The Future. In my opinion, the best movies were made in the 80s.

When it comes to reading do you prefer standalones or series?

I am a standalone type of writer but when it comes to reading I love to read series! A favorite author of mine is Nora Roberts. I discovered her while in college and have been reading her books ever since. Then there is Zane. She became a favorite of mine around the same time that I started writing erotica. Another favorite author is E.L James. She has been successful with her series now turned into movies. These three ladies are highly successful and have been able to write incredible stories that readers love. They represent what I would like to become as an author. I do see myself writing a series in the near future.

Do you prefer to start new book series when the first book is released, or do you wait for a several books in the series to be released so you can binge read?

It just depends on the author and whether I am interested in the storyline. But I will wait for several books in the series to be released so that I can binge read.

What are some of your hobbies, interests or guilty pleasures (other than reading and writing)?

I am an artist but for now, it is just a hobby. Drawing and painting is something that I’ve enjoyed doing since I was 12 years old. I hope to share my art one day on my ezine/magazine and perhaps create a piece of art that can inspire others.

A guilty pleasure of mine is milk chocolate. Enough said about that. lol

Have you ever peeked at the ending of a book?

Hmm. Well. I must admit I have. But I know that doing so spoils the story for me. So, I try to read strictly from the beginning to the end.

When it comes to your own writing are you a plotter or a panster?

I think that most writers are pansters, but I tend to do both. But sometimes I tend to lean more heavily on plotting, especially if it is something that I can’t seem to get out of my mind.

Love Is Just A State of Mind
Desperate Housewives Stories of Love
Natasha Brooks

Genre: Erotic Romance


Every good girl has a bad side. It just depends on whether her partner knows how to awaken the beast. 

These sexy tales are a collection of naughty stories about ladies exploring their sexual desires while also testing the boundaries of their dubious behaviors! 

When desires need to be fulfilled, sometimes love is never enough. 

From start to finish, these delicious tales of love and lust will seduce your mind and leave you wanting more!

This book contains language and content intended for 18+ readers only!


Her husband, Terrance, came home that night and she had slid into bed with him, still thinking of Thomas.
She tried to hide it – how much she was distracted. She listened to Terrance talk – as he did every night – about his job as an attorney and how it was always stressful but lucrative to represent an artiste or a congressman. Apparently, he had been to court twice in one day and each meeting with the judge had taken almost every ounce of breath he could muster. At the end, he had won but he just had to complain about everything he had gone through to make that happen.
There was a time that she wanted to love how he spoke to her about his job every night. She had somehow learnt to crave the way his fingers traced the edges of her skin while he spoke. She got used to the smell of his cologne too and sometimes thrilled herself by wearing his shirt. But all these happened a long time ago – a very long time ago.
Now, while he finally stopped talking and began to tickle her thighs with his fingers, she only closed her eyes and wanted him done with her as soon as possible. He caressed her left thigh but she felt no arousal for him. She could only picture Thomas’ smile in her head. She could remember his strong arms and the way his tongue passionately tasted and suckled her nipples.
Terrance had slid down the bed to pull up her nightgown and rid her off her panty. He kissed the soft flesh between her thighs and dug his tongue into her hole. She appreciated his effort. She widened her thighs to give him more room and silently thanked him for reawakening her memories of Thomas. She imagined her husband to be her high school lover. She imagined him to be the young man that had torn her thighs apart with lust and had made her heart warm with love.
She wanted that endless orgasm that Thomas had given her as her high school sweetheart. So, she held Terrance’s head and pulled him up with a moan. She welcomed him into her warm embrace too, staring into his eyes and seeing the man in her thoughts.
“Oh My!” She whispered as soon as Terrance found her pleasure hole and rammed his cock deep into it.
He wasn’t even listening to her. He was fucking her hard now, lost in between his own pleasure. She urged him on, wanting the memory of Thomas to never cease. She could remember the three times he had held her pinned to the wall of his room and rammed into her from behind. She had felt loved. She had felt as if he meant the entire world to her.
Countless orgasm had been what he gave to her.
And she was having one now, thinking about him! She dug her fingers into her husband’s shoulders now as her climax came. Her body shook violently. Terrance was muttering inaudible words too while all she could mutter was the word, Thomas.

She was going nuts over a man that probably didn’t know that she existed anymore and she knew it.

About the Author:

Natasha is the Founder/Editor-in-Chief of Bare Back Magazine. She is a blogger, content writer, ghost writer, editor and owner/publisher at Emerging Edge Publishing. Natasha is the editor of the popular erotic fairy tales anthology Fair Tales Can Come True and the creator of the relationships series: Relationships And Other Stuff.