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Spirit Warrior by Ella J. Smyth

Spirit Warrior
Spirit Walker
Book Three
Ella J. Smyth

Genre: Urban Fantasy Romance

Publisher: Unapologetic Romances

Date of Publication: 26th August 2018

ISBN: 9781386686910

Number of pages: 299
Word Count: 65600

Cover Artist: CoverMe Designs

Tagline: A mighty spirit walker with a personal grudge, set to destroy them both.

Book Description:

Adi and Honi journey to Southern Oklahoma to meet Honi’s Mekui’te tribe at the reservation where he grew up. Honi’s infectious excitement almost erases Adi’s apprehension at meeting his family, and she’s desperate to make a good impression.

When Adi is met with silent hostility that gets worse rather than better, she realizes there may be more to the initial resistance Honi had warned her to expect.

Honi is confused and hurt by his family’s reaction, and by Adi’s increasingly strange behavior. She’s claiming the spirit animals of his tribe are diseased and sickly, but they look just fine to him. On top of that, when Adi meets Honi’s ex, Nina, her jealousy gets way out of hand, and threatens to drive them apart.

While mysterious forces manipulate and distort their realities, can Honi and Adi join forces to figure out what is happening before it’s too late and they are separated forever?

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Spirit Warrior – Excerpt, by Ella J. Smyth

Something sounded nearby—first so quietly that Honi wasn’t sure he didn’t imagine it. Then it got louder until there was no mistaking the sound of somebody sobbing. Not wailing or crying out in pain. No, it was a male voice, crying quietly, as if he were afraid to be heard.
Honi followed the sound and soon reached the source of it. He said gently, so as not to scare him, “Hey, are you okay?”
Despite Honi’s efforts not to startle him, the man jumped. His voice hitched, and the sobs were cut off abruptly.
“You gave me a fright!”
“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to. My name is Honi. What’s yours?”
The man hesitated before answering.
Con’s voice was younger than Honi had expected. There was a break in it that suggested teenager rather than grown man. Honi tried again.
“Con. Short for Connor, right?”
When the young man said nothing, Honi carried on. “I can’t believe how dark it is. How did you get here, Con?”
Again no response. Honi remarked dryly, “You know I have no idea if you’re nodding or shaking your head, right?”
That earned him a watery chuckle. Honi grinned. He counted that as a win.“ So if you don’t remember how you got here, what’s the last thing you do remember?”
Con sighed before answering. “I remember going to bed. That’s it. It was pretty late because we have a test coming up tomorrow. So I stayed up and studied until Mom told me to go to bed. And then when I woke up, it was really dark, and I was all alone. I don’t usually cry, you know? I’m not a baby.”
The vehemence of the last couple of words made Honi smile. He answered quietly, “It’s okay to be scared. I’m kind of scared too. I was in a motel room when I fell asleep. Where did you go to sleep?”
“In our house in Heota.”
That was weird. Heota was Honi’s hometown, twenty miles away from where Honi had gone to sleep. It suddenly hit him. Of course. He was spirit-walking. It wasn’t the first time that Honi had met Dreamers. Sometimes people slipped into the spirit world by accident. They usually looked around for a little while before waking up. They neither had the training nor the talent to control their traveling between the worlds.
“It’s okay, Con. When you wake up, you’ll be back in your bed.”
The boy’s voice sounded more hopeful. “You think so?”
“Yes, absolutely,” Honi assured him. The next few words took him by surprise.
“So the animals won’t hunt me anymore? It’s just a nightmare?”
“What do you mean, animals?” Honi didn’t like the sound of that.
“When I woke up here, I heard growling and yipping. I knew that there was something chasing me, so I ran. And that’s when I got scared. And then you found me.”

Honi’s brow creased. Why would the spirit animals chase a Dreamer? Dreamers weren’t real in the spirit world, not like fully fledged spirit walkers. They were phantoms, invisible, and couldn’t be hurt. This didn’t make any sense.

About the Author:

Unapologetic Romances Because Love Needs No Excuses

Growing up in Germany, Ella always had a passion for myths and fairytales. No surprise then that she married an Irishman and lived 6 years in Ireland, the country of Leipreachán, Sidhe, Púca and other fascinating creatures. There's nothing like walking at night through a deserted laneway, fog swirling around your feet, knowing that maybe, just maybe, on the other side of the hedge, there might be some old lady in a black cloak waiting for you...

If you got the shivers right now, you know why Ella feels compelled to write stories around the supernatural and paranormal. There's nothing like a delicious shudder making you enjoy life just a little more... Plus she’s a romantic.

So look forward to modern romantic stories set against the background of ancient myths and legends. Ella hopes you enjoy reading them as much as she enjoys writing them!