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Friday, February 15, 2019

On the Rox- Why Won't People Just Do Their Jobs?

So we were doing a "lower our bills" assessment and to do this we were going to bundle our security system with cable and internet through Xfinity.

This turned into quite the ordeal. First on the scheduled day the guy shows up and says "I can't do anything our system is down. I can't access the work order." Yet he could access something to show up at our house, right?

No one calls to reschedule. My husband finally calls them, pretty upset because he took the day off work to deal with the guy doing all the installation work. Comcast/Xfinity gives excuses says their system was upgrading says they'll call back later. No one called. Hubby calls them again. They finally tell him someone will be at our house the next day, Tuesday.

On Tuesday morning someone calls about rescheduling the appointment. Apparently they had nothing scheduled for us Tuesday even after telling us the night before they did. At this point husband is livid. Day two he's not working to wait for installation. So they send someone out.

The tech has an attitude as soon as he arrives. "Do you know how long it's going to take me to install two cameras and a security system?"

Excuse me? Who the fu@! cares, that's your job. And two, why the hell you rolling up to my house all pissed off about doing what you get paid to do? Seriously?

Then he proceeds to tell us, no he can't run wires here, can't do it there, he's not moving the siding to run the wires. Nope, he won't get in the attic to run wiring "we don't do that." he says.

So they install security systems that just leave all the wires exposed on the outside of your house? Um, no thanks.

My husband, pretty much raging at this point, sends the guy away. Tells Xfinity to shove their POS security system.

Calls around.

Talks to ADT. We set up an appointment for today.

Appointment for 2pm.

At 2:40pm the guy calls and said his truck is broke down so he won't make it. Wants to do it tomorrow. Sorry it's Saturday and we have plans.

Husband calls ADT, nope they have no one else that can do it today. Yet on his way home 3 ADT trucks were hanging out at McDonalds.

This is the third time my husband has taken time off work to deal with installation. So he is understandably very unhappy. Thank goodness, he is is own boss. But because he is his own boss it means money not made and time wasted these three days.

Two companies in two weeks that have failed. Failed hard. TWO companies that won't do their jobs.

WHY??? Why won't anyone in Flint do their mother fuck@!% job?

So I guess we keep the system we have and don't upgrade. *Sigh*

Apparently my money isn't good enough for Xfinity or ADT.

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