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Free Halloween Read- True Scary Stories: Volume One Dark Mistress Aurora #freebook #scarystories

Are you currently binge watching anything on Netflix, Hulu (or elsewhere)? What keeps you glued to the screen?

I love watching Youtube more than anything. There’s a lot of awesome creepy pasta and true life reddit horror stories on there. They inspired me to write about my own stories.
The first true horror story I wrote and posted online was on reddit. It’s a great way to start writing that kind of thing.

Do you prefer movies or TV series?

TV Series, but I like Youtube even more than I like TV.

When it comes to reading do you prefer standalones or series?

Both are awesome. I just find authors that I love and then read all of their books.

Do you prefer to start new book series when the first book is released or do you want for a several books in the series to be released so you can binge read?

I prefer binge reading, but I don’t delay reading a series if all the books aren’t completed. I’m afraid I’ll forget the series and never come back to it, so I order the first book anyway if it sounds good.

What are some of your hobbies, interests or guilty pleasures?

I like watching true crime stories.

What's your guilty “nerd” pleasure?

I consume anything fantasy, science fiction, or horror related.

Have you ever peeked at the ending of a book?

Yes. I did that all the time when I was a teenager, but I don’t do it anymore.

When it comes to your own writing are you a plotter or a pantster?

Under this pen name, I write non-fiction, but under my other pen names, I’ve done both. Plotting is probably better for writing a story. But pantsing is so much fun!

True Scary Stories: Volume One
Dark Mistress Aurora

Genre: Horror

Date of Publication:  December 11, 2017

ISBN: 9781386008217
ASIN: B07888ZT6V

Number of pages: 15 pages
Word Count:  3,225

Cover Artist: Go On Write

Tagline: As you turn each page, terrified, you won’t know what is real and what is not.

About this Book:

I'll never feel completely safe being home alone after I saw a shadow man for the first time.

About this Series:

This is not just a horror novel or a true life story, it's also a game. I wanted to write out my real life supernatural experiences, but I also wanted to remain anonymous, so I disguise my identity by writing two fake stories along with every real story I tell.

It's your job to figure out which story is true and which ones are fake.


Warning! Read at your own risk! Studying shadow men can cause them to visit you!

"Good and definitely worth reading again. Quick and. scary almost like recounting things that we've experienced. Those things that go bump in the night." A. Ronan

"The little book scared me more than 3000 of Steven King!" Trina D.

"Very Interesting and Terrifying" - Anonymous

"These stories will scare you" - Anonymous


There are some people who attract darkness. It doesn’t mean they are dark people themselves, it’s just the hand life has dealt them. People like us feel a kinship when we first meet each other because no one else can understand what we have seen.

Many times, people like us were vulnerable in some way. I had parents who weren’t very protective of me growing up, for example, which left me exposed to certain people I otherwise wouldn’t be exposed to. A lot of us are also quite sensitive. We pick up on supernatural things that other people aren’t able to.

I never realized how truly strange my experiences were until I decided to share one of my stories on a website and it wound up being read and commented on many times.

It’s therapeutic to get these things off my chest. But I didn’t want anyone to figure out that any of it was me. I wanted to remain anonymous, because stories like these are controversial, and a pen name didn’t seem like it would be enough.

I decided to write out my stories one by one, but add two fictional stories of similar themes along with each story. That way no one could tell for sure which of these things had actually happened to me and which of these things hadn’t. Without that information, it’s difficult to trace the stories back to me.

It doesn’t matter if you believe me or not, just know that two of these stories are fake and one is real. It’s up to you to decide which is which.

About the Author:

Dark Mistress Aurora has experienced creepy things her whole life, which has made her so shy she hides behind a pen name.

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