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Haunted Hotels of Michigan 

From captivating tales of lingering lumber barons to lovelorn ladies and chilling stories of murder, Michigan's hotels hold secrets that will send shivers down the spine.

Ghostly apparitions and mysterious whispers have terrified guests for years at Petoskey's Terrace Inn and The House of Ludington in Escanaba, while eerie occurrences and disembodied voices wake guests in the night at Kalamazoo's Henderson Castle Inn. Once named America's Most Haunted City, Mackinac Island has enough ghosts to keep visitors sleepless for a lifetime.

Embark on a spine-chilling journey through the Mitten State with Haunted Flint author Roxanne Rhoads as she unveils the spooky history of Michigan's most haunted hotels and inns.

Your haunted travels begin here… if you dare to check in.  

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Forest Sunrays

This book strikes a perfect balance between presenting well-researched history and describing claims of paranormal activity without giving into the generic language of fanaticism that usually surrounds the idea of the "haunted house." I find that I am as much drawn to the historical education as I am the reports of haunting-type activities. And of course, the compilation of urban lore to go with each location is also an added layer of texture.

Amazon Review of Haunted Flint  

Praise & Reviews

I absolutely loved this book. I love learning the history about the locations, buildings, and people. I find ghost stories, sightings, and paranormal events exciting. When the information shared includes places I've lived, visited, or seen, I can't help but dive right into the content. This book gave me the chills as I learned about the history behind places I grew up around.

Review of Ghosts and Legends of Genesee & Lapeer Counties by Sapphyria's Books

I was so excited to read this book! It brought me back to when I was a teenager going to visit my friends in northern Michigan and sneaking around Pere Cheney Cemetery, trying to find ghosts. So when I received an email about this book I had to read it. I love reading about places that I have actually been to! The amount of history and backstory was perfect. Two really stuck out to me Sex, Lies and a Junkyard Murder, and The Brent Estate and Dorothy Schneider those two stories will not be forgotten.

Review of Ghosts and Legends of Genesee & Lapeer Counties

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