Friday, April 22, 2011

Great Review for No Place I'd Rather Be

No Place I'd Rather Be received a

4 tombstone review at Bitten By Books

Sonara is torn between her two lovers. The born witch needs to make a decision and soon, or else the two will decide for her, and despite her coven’s obvious choice of sticking with the monsters and picking the vampire over the human, she just could not chose between the two. If only there were a way to have them both—and at the same time. Mmmmm. And maybe they could both open themselves to exploring something between the two hunky male bodies so she could watch, for a little while.

Taking a night off from her “boy” troubles, Sonora settles in for time home alone but is soon opening the door to Avery and his sexy, forbidden, human temptation. Wanting to get a leg up on his competition, he knows he needs to help her make a decision or he will be left out in the cold. When the doorbell rings, both know who is on the other side and what the vampire wants. What they don’t expect is Brom’s attitude towards finding a middle ground when it comes to their sexy witch. Taking a giant leap, Sonora decides to make herself a sex-witch sandwich between the two and prays to the goddess that she can find a way to keep both forbidden males in her grasp. Avery does not want anything to do with the monsters, but he wants his witch, and if it will take a bit of give and take to hold on to her, he will show her what he will do to keep her in his life. What Sonny never expected was to have her dreams come true with much more intimacy than she ever imagined when the boys begin to seduce and play. Now to pray that they can find a way to make this happen again…and again…and again.

Wowowowow! This book should come with a warning:
“Beware this story contains Steamy Forbidden Vampire/Witch/Human Explosive Sex which is crammed into 30 pages of burning eroticism, sexual inventiveness, and explicit carnal play. No Place I’d Rather Be is so steamy you will be squeegying the windows after reading and tempted to take a polar bear dip to cool yourself off.”

I can only say one thing: Do you think our sexy witch would care to share????

Book Stats:

e-book: digital format
Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing

Book Length: Novella
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-60592-210-2


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