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Love Bleeds Tour Finale, Giveaway and Sexy Excerpt from Maggie James

Hi everyone, Maggie James here with my final post on the Love Bleeds Virtual Book Tour. I thought I’d end out the awesome week I’ve had ,thanks to all of you, with a post on why we love and can’t get enough of those sexy vampires and their beguiling ways.

I’ve been reading your comments on the various blogs that have hosted a spot on my tour and felt it appropriate since we all share a deep seeded desire to sink our teeth into every paranormal romance novel we can get our hands on.

The paranormal romance genre has exploded over the past several years with hundreds of books catering to vampires lovers and each of us has our own reasons why we can’t seem to resist them. Whether its their dark, sensual mystique or voracious sexual appetite or perhaps even the curious attraction to the sense of danger they possess.

For a lot of readers it’s the overtly romantic side of the vamp that makes us swoon. His heightened emotions, insatiable need for acceptance and love, unbridled passion and the solace found in knowing, that just like the vamp himself, his love will last forever. His immortal kiss opens the proverbial forbidden door to unending nights of passion, seduction and unimaginable pleasure.

For others, it’s the danger and fear of the unknown that makes their heart pound and pulse race. Fear and desire are two of the most powerful human emotions. Vampires intertwine these two emotions perfectly—we fear him, yet his darkness and dangerous nature are the very things that make him so incredibly desirable. His primal, insatiable need for our blood to insure his survival is perhaps what makes him even more dangerous yet intriguing. We can never truly be sure if we are completely safe with him, yet we are drawn to him nonetheless. Tall, dark and handsome alpha male vamps in the role of the hero are the ultimate bad boy in romantic fiction and we find ourselves unable to resist.

The sheer escapism into the seductive world of immortality attracts us even more by playing on our basic need to lose ourselves in an fantasy. From the vampires’ superhuman strength to their keen senses which enable them to tap into our deepest fears and recognize our most carnal desires; the allure of the vampire has become something every fan of romantic fiction’s desperately craves. They haunt our dreams, tempt us while we are awake; so who are we to deny ourselves?

Whether its his tortured, romantic soul, his desperate need for love and acceptance, his overtly sexual demeanor or the threat of danger entering his immortal realm possesses; one thing is for sure, the lure of the vampire is here to stay. And I for one, as a fan, writer and reader of all things paranormal, couldn’t be happier!

In closing, I’d like to thank my Tour Host Roxanne for all she has done to make this tour such an amazing success and send out special thanks to all the awesome blogs and websites who so graciously co-hosted . Many thanks to all of you who left comments, questions and entered the contests. I’m so glad you’ll all enjoyed the interviews and posts. I’ve made a lot of wonderful new friends this week and I hope to hear from you all in the future.

I leave you with a sexy little teaser excerpt from my new release, LOVE BLEEDS. I hope you enjoy it! {{Hugs}} MAGGIE

By: Maggie James

For a few precious moments, Kat wondered what it might be like to have his large masculine hands caress every part of her. She closed her eyes, lost in a dream, until she suddenly felt as though she were being watched. Her eyes flew open. She raced for the enormous bed, splendidly covered in red satin pillows and covered herself in the down-filled comforter. She sank into the enormous bed with a heavy sigh.

Before long, her paranoia slipped away and she drifted off into a peaceful slumber. But that peace soon faded when Joe invaded her dream. She pictured them together in various graphic scenes of passions embrace. His lean, rock hard body covered hers as his strong hands played over her flesh. She writhed beneath him her body ached with need. She cried out when he entered her; hard and fast. Calling his name over and over as every inch of him was buried deep inside her.

Drowning in ecstasy, her breath came in short shallow pants.

Pleasure spiked, growing more and more intense until she cried out a final time in climax. Her own outcry awoke her and she sprung up in bed, trembling and confused. Kat set her head in her hands and struggled to catch her breath.

With no light in the room except for the fire’s glow, she looked up and saw Joe standing beside the fireplace.

Slowly, cautiously, he closed the distance between them, taking steady determined strides until he stood at her bedside. Kat emerged from the amassed bedding and began to crawl towards him.

Joe removed his long black coat while she continued to inch her way to the edge of the bed. Once she reached him, Kat rose to her knees and met his dark, dangerous eyes.

“I heard you cry out…” He said softly, “I came to…”

Kat placed her finger over his warm lips then gently traced the outline of his mouth. “It’s ok. I’m glad you’re here.” She helped him off with his coat, sliding it slowly down the length of his muscular arms.

Joe pulled himself free from the sleeves and allowed it to fall to the floor. Though mere inches apart, their bodies did not touch. Kat stared up into Joe’s intense, hungry eyes. They gleamed with a darkness that no longer frightened but intrigued her.

“Do you fear me Kat?” He practically groaned.

“I feel like I should be, but I’m not. I must be crazy… I barely know you.”

The expression on her beautiful face told Joe all he needed to know. He reached out to touch her soft dark hair. “As I told you before my sweet Katarina…you know me. Close your eyes…you will see me…you will feel me. The attraction is undeniable.”

Kat placed her hands on his broad shoulders and held her breath. Temptation ran rampant. All of a sudden, she felt as though she were amidst an argument between the proverbial angel and devil on her shoulders. “What the hell are you doing?” Her “angel” side a.k.a her conscience shouted. While her naughty “devil” side cheered on her behavior. “Oh yes…touch him!”

Kat inhaled deeply and was immediately intoxicated by his masculine scent, a warm sumptuous blending of his cologne and pure sex. She ran her fingers up and down the length of his muscular arms then over his broad chest. Her body burned with desire when she felt the hardness of his body beneath her fingertips. One by one she undid the tiny buttons of his shirt then slid her soft hands beneath it.

Joe swallowed the sudden lump in his throat and watched her delicate hands roam sensually over the tanned expanse of his chest. He hastily ripped the shirt from his body and threw it to the floor while Kat’s hands explored every inch of his sweltering torso.

She lightly raked her nails over his taut abdomen. Joe threw his head back in pleasure. He groaned. Never had he felt like this before…not once in his life, or death, had he allowed a woman to take control. Damn!

Before he had the chance to object, Joe was lured away by an overwhelming desire. Just like that, he lost himself. He cupped Kat’s face gently in his hands and brushed his lips over hers. He savored the warm wet heat of her mouth. She moaned softly amidst their kiss. Joe had planned for a soft, passionate tasting but the tiny sounds coming from Kat forced him over the edge.

He took her mouth again and again in long impetuous kisses. Unlike the passive moments they had shared earlier, this time he held nothing back. Playfully he bit her lip and drew the tiniest bit of blood.

The scent of the sweet liquid filled his nostrils and further awakened his hunger. His arousal intensified when she moved her hand down to the front of his straining leather pants. She gazed up at him with lust in her eyes then seductively licked her lip; wiping the blood away.

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Carla said...

Hi Maggie,

I enjoyed having you on my blog and I hope to work with you again in the future. Good Luck with the Only After Dark series and all of your future endeavors.
I would love to win a copy of Love Bleeds for my personal collection.
I am a follower of Roxanne's Realm.
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Mystkate said...

Hi Maggie, have really enjoyed following your tour, some great reviews, comments, Q&A's, teasers etc, good luck with your future productions and cannot wait to read more of the Only After Dark series.

Sherry said...

This sounds like a very good book and I look forward to reading it.


DANIELA said...

Hi Maggie
I've enjoyed this tour.
This post was very interesting because yes, we fear and love vamps at the same time.
As I've said before, your book is already in my TBR list :) Hope I can get to read it soon.


Estella said...
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Estella said...

I love the paranormal genre!
Love Bleeds sounds like a great read.

GFC follower

kissinoak at frontier dot com

Maggie James said...

Thanks glad you liked the post and I hope you all enjoy reading Love Bleeds!!
Thanks to you too Carla--loved being interviewed on your blog and would love to work with you again, just say the
Special thanks to you Roxanne for hosting the tour--awesome job!!
{{hugs}}to all,

Roxanne Rhoads said...

Thank you Maggie- you've been a wonderful and very proactive author working on your tour and making this a team effort.

I wish you great success with your books.

Unknown said...

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lindsey hutchison @ United By Books said...

hi maggie,

i only just caught a few places of your tour. i would really love to read this book. every since i caught a snippet. and the cover rocks my socks. it is def on my list of TBR


Megan@Riverina Romantics said...

This sounds like a great read! The excerpt was really good!

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Anonymous said...

I have to agree with everyone that says they like the danger in vampire stories. I like that you never know if the vampire is attracted to the human because they have feelings for them or if it might be blood lust. Wondering if they might lose control is very suspenseful. Congrats on the new release. Love Bleeds looks like a great story!

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latishajean said...

This sounds so good I love vampires my favorite to read about! Thank you so much for sharing would love to read more!