Thursday, July 07, 2011

Not For Victorian Eyes Virtual Art Tour- And a Chance to Win an Original Piece of Art by Christopher Chamberlain

Today I'm taking part in something awesome and new- a virtual art tour- and this one fits in perfectly here because some of the pieces are quite...erotic.

So without any further ado let's welcome the artist-Christopher Chamberlain

Hi Roxanne! Thank you so much for hosting my Not For Victorian Eyes virtual art tour of the blogosphere.

You have some very interesting questions that really provoked a lot of thought on my part.

I'll stop chattering away now and get on with the interview!

Do you use live models for your erotic art or do you draw what's in your head?

In a word, yes. I do use live models to create my work. I also create finished pieces based on rough gestural sketches by filling in and adding to the (in)appropriate details. And at times I've used photos for reference. For a lot of my work I simply draw from my mind's eye.

There is no tried and true formula of which piece I will use live models as inspiration. Many times I've created new art simply by catching a glimpse of someone, remembering just what it was that struck me about them at that moment; and then capturing it on paper as soon as I could. I carry a sketchbook with me almost everywhere so I'm rarely without paper and pencil. Of course, like many other artists there have been the odd napkin and coaster doodles.

I see your work is a very eclectic mix- superheroes, wizards, witches, Elvira, Frankie, the Mummy, comics - there really is a mix of everything. What is your favorite subject matter- or does it just depend on what you're in the mood to create?

I don't really have a favorite subject matter for my artwork. Sometimes it just depends on what I've been hired to create. But there are stretches of time when I will focus on one particular theme and carry it through until I've exhausted it. Then I'll leave that subject alone again for a while until it's nagging at me to get onto canvas.

When did you start creating erotic pieces?

A number of years ago, actually. It's only in the last six months or so that I've really thought about showing my erotic art.

It's kind of a tough decision, as I'm certain it would be for writers as well to let this side of your creativity show.

You don't really know how the people you know and care about will respond. And that made me really consider the idea for a long time. But there comes a point when you just have to be able to fully express yourself.

For me, that full expression is being able to show all of my creative work.

What mediums do you work with- pastels, acrylic, oils, pen and ink, pencil, charcoal, something else?

My favourite media to use are pencil, pen and ink, markers, watercolour paints, gouache and coloured pencils.

Sometimes I paint in acrylic and I've been known to use pastels as well. I've dabbled a bit with the oils, but I need a bigger studio space to feel comfortable about diving into that medium.

Which medium are you most comfortable using?

Well, it's not oil paints. There isn't really one medium that I feel most comfortable using. Most of my artwork combines more than one type. It's probably a toss up between pen and ink, and watercolours.

Is there an art medium you haven't tried yet but would like to?

Certainly. I love experimenting and dabbling in new mediums. I'd love to dig into clay, actually.

What are you trying to say with your erotic art, what is your message?

There's a story behind each piece, a conversation, a series of events that occured and more events that are yet to pass. I like to provide a glimpse into this story. I have the story and the events in my own head, but they're not set in stone. I like for the viewer to create their own story from the art and to see where it leads.

What are your artistic goals?

There are quite a few - the first would be to be highly successful in regards to my artwork. What does successful mean to me? Having my artwork seen and recognized far and wide, hanging in galleries, having a great many patrons, and to keep creating more! Creating art is bound to my personality, and I want to share it with as many people as I can.

For anyone of your readers who may be looking for artwork of all sorts, they can feel free to contact me and be treated very professionally. I take my artwork seriously, and I treat each piece with the same level of professionalism.

I can be contacted through email:

To see more of my work, and read more about my Not For Victorian Eyes virtual art tour, please visit my sites:

my webcomic:

I’m offering as a bonus, to all new followers of my blog, a chance to win an original print of one of my pieces of art.

This contest will run until the 7th of August.

Each and every follower of my blog will have a chance to win, including my current followers. New followers will have an extra ballot in the random draw.

You can also get an extra ballot by leaving a comment. The best three comments (as chosen by me) left on my blog over the duration of the contest will receive a print.

Thanks again for hosting my work, Roxanne!

Thank you Christopher for sharing your amazing artwork with us.


Margaret West said...

The sketch of the woman in the dress, with flowers in her hair, is quite beautiful, as it the one where she holds a rose behind her. What a gifted artist you are.

Roxanne Rhoads said...

I love the versatile styles and such varying subject matter.

One of my favorites is the secretary the other the woman crawling with the cat? ears

but all are so wonderful- makes me wish I would have furthered my art studies

Bestiary Parlor: The Musings of a Zoologist Turned Author said...

I would love to have you do one of my book covers. Awesome work.

manyfacesart said...

Roxanne, thank you again for hosting my tour. It looks great. I had thought you might like the crawling pic.

Thank you, Margaret.

I would love to create a book cover for you, Eva! Drop me a line whenever you'd like.

And everyone is welcome to follow my blog
I post new sketches and pieces a couple of times a week.

Nightly Cafe said...

Wonderful interview Chris! You know I love your art :). Beautiful. Eva you will love working with Chris. He's very good at making sure it's up to your expectations.

Keep on rockin' on!


manyfacesart said...

Thanks BK!