Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Excerpt from The Commander and the Den Asaan Rautu

He prowled over her and forced his fingers into her tight breach;
she was moist and warm, and the taste and scent of which made him
immediately prepared. “I warn you, woman, the traditional act of
Khopra would harm most of your women.” He grazed his large shaft
against her thigh and passed his remarkable virility over her mound.

“I am warned,” she murmured, reveling in his eagerness. “I am
honoured that you should feel I merit such a pleasant and torturous
experience. If you promise it will be enlightening, I shall consider doing
it more than once.”

“You will oblige me, woman,” he growled, holding her legs apart,
“And you will enjoy it.”

His intellect simmered and his eyes narrowed in sudden depravity,
his hunger finally surmounting him. He suspended his weight on his
powerful forearms and parted her thighs with his knees. He felt his
inbred fury rising and was moved to take her hips into his unassailable
grip, position himself, and plunge into her.

She bit her lip to silence her cries as the giant forced his distended
head into her taut crevice. At first, her body would not allow him
entrance, but the more he pushed the more she was forced to widen.
She winced, feeling the giant strain his overwhelming size into her. Her
limits were quickly exceeded, but any pain she may have felt was soon
surpassed by a wave of pleasure when the giant began penetrating her
at a constant rate. Her heels grazed his molded backside as it flexed,
her breasts were attacked by his teeth, and everything barbaric about
his actions was excessively pleasing to herself. She arched her back and
endeavored to relax, allowing her body to accommodate his length and

Rautu was rapt in a euphoric pleasance as he had never endured
before, enjoying the sensation of her thighs wrapped around him as he
drove through her breach. The more of him she could accept the more
he gave, and she was soon able to contain him down to his substantial
base. His undulations became ravening and he clutched the tops of
her thighs, flinching and seething with every vicious infiltration. The
rush of pleasure from each thrust began to motivate his suppressed
fury. In the midst of his rapture, he reminded himself to remain calm,
but the arrival of her warm succulence persuaded him otherwise.

The Commander and the Den Asaan Rautu
By Michelle Franklin
Publisher: Red Willow Publishing
June 12, 2011

Book Description:

The Kingdom of Frewyn is being invaded by the Galleisian infantry and at the forefront of the battle is Boudicca MacDaede, a First Captain in the Frewyn armed forces. Her regiment is charged with defending the borders between the two nations, but when Frewyn’s last line of defense falls, Captain MacDaede enlists the assistance of a Haanta, one of giants from the islands to the far north. Promising to free him from his imprisonment in exchange for his help, she gains his trust long enough for them to win the battle and save the Frewyn border from being breached. The giant’s freedom is granted, but Rautu cannot return home unless he redeems himself in the eyes of his people for past his transgressions. He is offered a place by the captain’s side, and together, they defeat the Galleisian forces and become the saviors of Frewyn.

One year later, King Alasdair Brennin takes the Frewyn throne, Boudicca is made commander, Gallei and Frewyn reach an accord, and Rautu is granted an invitation home. He is eager to return and see his brothers but finds it difficult to leave Frewyn without Boudicca at his side. He has become accustomed to her company and the idea of being made to live without her begins to distress him. Rautu invites the commander to the islands in hopes of finding a way for them to remain together, but when they arrive at the white shores of Sanhedhran, not everything goes as planned: one of the dangerous Haanta magi is freed, Rautu’s three brothers are strangely missing, and the neighboring nation of Thellis leads an attack on the islands.

Together, the commander and the Den Asaan Rautu must find a way to unite their two nations and defend against the Thellisian fleets, but can they do so successfully when outside forces are attempting to keep them apart?