Monday, October 10, 2011

Guest Blog with Stephanie Draven

Do You Want a Man Who Can Make You Orgasm On Command?
by Stephanie Draven

This may be the most sexually suggestive post I’ve ever written while talking about my work, but having written a novel about a mind-controlling minotaur, I’m left with a question. Would you want a man who could make you orgasm on command?

Sexual satisfaction is notoriously more difficult for women to achieve than it is for men; because of that, lovers who are good at eliciting pleasure seem like they’re keepers, even if they’re not husband material. I think that’s what accounts for many romantic woes in the world. But rest assured, the hero of Dark Sins & Desert Sands is both happy to settle down and capable of eliciting mind-blowing climaxes from the heroine.

Now, he can do it simply by looking into her eyes and telling her to orgasm. And she does. Neat trick, no? Prone to abuse, I would think. Delicious, delicious abuse. That’s part of the sexual fantasy in this paranormal romance. And I give it to the reader in this novel, in spades. There’s a particularly steamy sex scene on a speeding train that I’m very proud of.

But what about how the fantasy manifests in the real world? Sure, I love a man who is good with his fingers, but I’m innately drawn to men who know that the mind is the most potent sexual organ in the body. Maybe it’s just the writer in me, but I love a man who can wield words like sex toys. A man who can talk his way into a woman’s bed and make her squirm without ever touching her is the kind of man that makes me fan myself.

So what about you? Can you remember a time when a lover has used his or her voice to melt you into a puddle? What’s the most fun you’ve ever had in the bedroom without your lover even touching you?


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