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Vampsex: A Deleted Scene

Books don’t have “extras” like movies on DVDs, but maybe they should.

We are not writers of erotica, not yet anyway, but when writing about Vampires — creatures that live for pleasure and thrive on sensuality — it’s easy to get carried away. In The Cowboy and the Vampire, most of the sexual energy centered on our main characters, Tucker and Lizzie as they fell deeply, passionately in love. That love was tested by a horde of maniacal Vampires intent on killing Tucker and imprisoning Lizzie so they could use her blood. The kinky, fetishistic sex took place mostly “off screen” with the Vampires slaking their thirst on unlucky humans and lucky Vampires. Foremost among them was Elita, a beautiful Vampire vixen who, during the course of her long life, has elevated terminal seduction to an art form.

We are currently working on Blood and Whiskey, the sequel to The Cowboy and the Vampire, and decided to move the passions of the Vampires more into the spotlight, or candlelight, as it were. Still, we probably took it a little bit too far in the scene excerpted below.

Setting the stage

Here’s what you need to know about this particular interlude. Elita has, much to her own chagrin, fallen for the human Virote, a young Russian with model-good looks who serves Rurik, a powerful Russian Vampire. Rurik and Elita are from different bloodlines, long at war, and in this scene, they channel their distrust and anger into sex with a delighted Virote sandwiched between them.

It’s worth noting that in our world, the act of feeding intensifies the sexual pleasure experienced by humans and Vampires, and the dark energies released by the undead can lift humans to never-before-experienced heights of orgasmic pleasure. Usually, that is followed by a quick death from exsanguination but a select few, such as Virote, serve as companions, willingly offering their blood and treated to mind-altering sexual experiences in the process.

Blood and Whiskey — Deleted scene

“Oh, god no,” she screamed. “No more, please, no more.”

Virote was nude and stretched out over an equally nude Elita, her back arched and shoulder blades pressed into Elita’s breasts as Rurik slammed himself into her savagely. Elita held one of Virote’s creamy wrists to her mouth, sucking hungrily at the tiny cuts seeping blood while she deftly fingered the lovely Russian with her other hand. Rurik held himself above them both, arms stiff and sawing back and forth inside Virote frantically, methodically. The force of his thrusts pushed her hard against Elita who, because of the blood and the lust, was dangerously close to losing herself as well.

Rurik paused, buried fully inside her, to claw at her creamy breasts, pinching the ruby nipples and craning his neck to take each in turn between his teeth, roughly, and flick his tongue across them. Virote groaned and clutched at his back with her free hand, trying to pull him in deeper and digging deep, bloody scratches into his muscular back, scratches that healed almost as soon as they were inflicted.

Instead, he pulled out unexpectedly and she rolled her eyes and whimpered at the sudden loss of stimulation, but it was soon intensified as he slithered down between her legs, darting his tongue deep inside her and lapping at the blood leaking from a dozen self-inflicted cuts, a now-familiar part of the foreplay.

Satiated, his chin stained red and glistening with her wetness, he rose up and then fell into her again. Virote screamed and, teetering on the edge of unconsciousness, bit her lip so hard that more blood spilled and trickled down her chin. Rurik kissed her, fiercely filling his mouth with her coppery taste and then pushed her head roughly to the side and wrested Elita away from Virote’s shredded wrist to kiss her, to force her lips apart and push Virote’s stolen blood into her mouth. Lost in the pleasure and pain of the two bodies writhing on top of her, Elita hissed and bit into his lip in ecstasy and the pain sent him over the edge.

“Oh god, more, more,” Virote cried as the dark electrical currents flowed through him. “Deeper. Oh god. My god.” Rurik threw his head back with a howl and drove into her like a stake, emptying himself deep inside her. She screamed as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her, grinding herself backward into Elita’s hips and screaming again as she felt Elita give in to the moment, contorting under Virote and clutching at her thighs with both hands, her nails shredding the delicate skin as she pulled Virote against her and shuddered and came.

Rurik rolled to the side and sprang up. He was only partially satiated because he had not fully fed in many days now.

Elita watched him languidly as he dressed. “Not interested in slumming?” she said lazily as Virote purred and rested her head happily, groggily, on her pale chest, pulling the sheets around them both.

“Sex with one of your kind is certainly pleasurable,” said Rurik. “But it’s a guilty pleasure at best.”

“I didn’t think the master race could entertain such pedestrian feelings,” Elita said.

“Let’s just say at times I wish I had the fortitude to avoid carnal activities such as these that border on the bestial. They are diverting, but bespeak a kind of weakness. Now if you’ll excuse me, the dawn approaches and I have much to think about.”

“I don’t know what you see in him,” Elita said, letting the scent and heat of the young woman fill her senses as she absently fingered herself to coax one more orgasm to the fore with a fluttering sigh.

“He is my master,” Virote said sleepily. “There is not seeing, or choice.”

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Red Winter
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How do you kill someone who just won’t stay dead? It will take more than a steady hand filled with a blazing six shooter if anyone in LonePine lives through the “Red Winter.”
Sheriff Early Hardiman has seen a lot of bad things in his life, but nothing could have prepared him for the first Vampire to visit the Old West.

The year is 1890 and winter is closing like a noose around tiny LonePine, Wyoming. When the snows come and the mountain passes are buried and the train stops running, there’s only one way to leave LonePine — boots up in a pine box. For Sheriff Hardiman, once one of the fastest guns in the West, it’s another four months of watching over the foolish and the foolhardy and praying for the arrival of spring. At least he has the lovely Miss Grace, his new wife and former madam of the infamous Pearl brothel, to keep him company.

But then a murderer turns up out of the cold and dark. People are being killed and not in the usual way, either — they are dying hard, tortured and drained of their blood. Worse, it appears Miss Grace may be next on the list.

Fans of “The Cowboy and the Vampire” (Midnight Ink, 2010) know that LonePine will see plenty of Vampires in another 120 years. But in 1890, no one had yet even imagined the kind of terror Jericho Whistler brings with him to the isolated little town when he hunkers down for a long winter of feasting on the terrified and trapped residents of LonePine.


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