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Friday, November 02, 2012

Character Interview Mad World by Samaire Provost

Character Interview: Risa

Risa, how are you all doing now?

Not so good, to tell you the truth. This has been a very hard journey. I can’t believe what we’ve been through. But we’re tough, we can take it. We’re great fighters. It’s just the one time we were so overwhelmed… it was like an ambush.  We fought like crazy, but…  


But it wasn’t good enough.  Bad things happened.  I… I’d rather not talk about them right now.

I understand.  Thinking back on the journey from Tennessee to Winnipeg, do you have any advice for anyone else making that same trip?

Bring lots of weapons, good friends who know how to fight, and if possible, don’t make any trips. We did because we had no choice.  The government was hunting us, literally.  They wanted my little brother.  They were going to kill him with their idiotic, useless experimenting. Right now, and for the foreseeable future, citizens are kinda on their own.  The government was and still is doing whatever it wants, and you have no rights.  You have to take care of yourself and your family, and don’t count on much help from anybody else.

You were running for your lives, weren’t you?

Yes, we were.  And we almost didn’t make it.  First that creep Stanley betrayed us and nearly got us caught. I mean, he helped Jake escape and gave them a false story, so I guess he helped us in the end, but man.  What a creep to do it in the first place.  I don’t like that guy.  Then we had to deal with this unreal situation at this farmhouse.  We barely escaped this crazed guy.  Then the journey through the caves.  It was unreal.  And through it all we had to keep Luke safe.  Not only because he’s our family, but also because he’s special.

Special? How?

He just is.  The way he was born, and because of the zombies. Really, he may be the hope of the world. I don’t know for sure, but if you met him, if you knew him, you’d realize. Luke’s very, very special. Important.

How’s your mother Alyssa doing? We heard there’d been some accident? Is she okay?

Yes, she’s fine. Well, no, she’s not. But yes, she is. Um… no comment.

Tell us about Jonathan

*blush* Well…  …he’s wonderful J  We rescued him from the farmhouse where he’d been trapped and kind in over his head.  We hit it off right away.  He’s kind of the sensitive type, and he writes such beautiful poetry.  I’m more like a tough chick.  I’ve been called “ninja” before… I can’t help it; growing up in this world with this infection… you kinda have to toughen up quite a bit.  Jonathan loved that about me.  Which was good, because I love how sweet and sensitive he is, he’s a complete contrast to me? After we got to Winnipeg, he decided to stick around; he’d bonded to my family and had no place to go… We kind of became close pals, then it grew to something more.  We’re a couple now.  We fight for the Sanctuary team together now, side by side.  

Mad World Book 2
Samaire Provost

Genre:YA Paranormal

ISBN: 978-1479220090

Number of pages: 212 pages
Word Count: 59,780 words

Book Description:

The year is 2017, and the Black Plague infection has swept across most of the United States, leaving death and chaos in its wake. Martial law is the rule rather than the exception, with outbreaks cropping up when they're least expected. Alyssa and her friends must not only battle outbreaks of the disease, but also find themselves pursued by government agents – men and women determined to track them down at any cost.

Fleeing north to the fabled Sanctuary, Alyssa, Jacob, DeAndre, Caitlyn, Risa and Luke face disturbing ordeals and terrible tragedy as they encounter unbelievable situations in their struggle to reach safety. Using their skills and wits in their fight to survive against ever worsening odds, they weather hardship, betrayal, and the ever-present specter of death as they flee north, all the while vowing to protect one another – and most of all their precious 5-year-old Luke, from a world gone mad.

Sanctuary, the second installment in the Mad World series, is a heart-rending adventure of astonishing revelations, tragic discoveries, agonizing separations and devastating losses that test these friends to their limits. With heart-pounding, edge-of-your-seat suspense at every turn, this is a story you will not be able to put down.

Find out what happens next.

By Samaire Provost

Mad World  Book One
Genre: YA Paranormal Dystopian

ISBN:  978-1478317371
ASIN:  B008PO969O

Number of pages:  160
Word Count:   44,700

Book Description:

The Black Plague is ancient history. It killed 100 million people nearly seven centuries ago, halfway around the world from the technologically advanced research center at Stanford University. Scientists there have recently begun examining samples of bone marrow from plague-infected corpses unearthed in Europe. All the necessary safeguards are in place. What could go wrong?

Alyssa and Jake are away with their class on a highly anticipated year-end trip to Broadway with their senior acting class when all hell breaks loose at home. Traveling back, and trying to find their families, they encounter deadly results. Riots are breaking out. People are being evacuated. And they have no idea what's happening to their families.

Horrific ordeals, heart-pounding tragedy, and chance encounters harden them for what lies ahead. Faced with tormenting decisions, they're forced to follow their instinct for survival at any cost - even when the cost is a heart-wrenching decision of life or death.

A harrowing adventure of frightening discoveries, horrifying confrontations and narrow escapes in Epidemic, the first installment of the Mad World series.
Find out what's got everyone so terrified.

Kindle      Paperback

About the Author:

Samaire Provost lives in California with her husband and son.

Her love of paranormal stories, odd plots, and unique tales as well as the works of Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, Susan Cooper, Madeleine L'Engle and Stephen King has deeply influenced her writing. 

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