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Interview with Lashell Collins

1. How did you come up with the title for your latest book?

Well, the name of my main character is Joshua Pierce and I just really liked the play on words with his name. Plus there's a fair amount of danger lurking around every corner in this first book so, Pierced By Danger just made since to me.

2. Do you title the book first or wait until after it’s complete?

With this one – in fact, with this whole trilogy – I waited until they were complete. But with the project I'm currently working on, the title came first. So for me, at least, I think every story is different.

3. Is the book, characters, or any scenes based on a true life experience, someone you know, or events in your own life?

Yes, actually. And that's a really interesting question because, as I think about it, I realize that there are elements of men that I love – like my husband, my brother and my father – in each of the men in this story. There are aspects of Joshua's personality that come directly from my husband. Lee Parson, the man who is Joshua's mentor and father-figure in the story, is a great deal like my dad. And Samantha's relationship with her brother Lucas is very much like my relationship with my own brother.

4. What book are you reading now?

I'm not reading anything at the moment but I just finished tfc Parks' Rhythm in Blue and absolutely loved it. It's an amazing novel that should be getting much more attention than it is.

5. What books are in your to read pile?

Oh, I'm ashamed to say there are so many! I've been so consumed with writing and self-publishing Pierced that I've fallen way behind and missed so much. I really want to read The Education of Sebastian and its sequel, The Education of Caroline by Jane Harvey-Barrick. I want to read Rocked Under by Cora Hawks and Soulbound by Tessa Adams. And I know this is unbelievable but, I have actually never read Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series. I love the movies so much but, I've never read the books and I really want to do that.

6. What is your current “work in progress” or upcoming projects?

Well my next upcoming project is to release book two in the Pierced trilogy, Pierced By Love. My target date for that is the end of April, and then book three of the trilogy at the end of May.

Besides that, I've just started working on a story that I've been thinking about for some time now. It's a romance set in the middle of a double love triangle of sorts. And what got me thinking about it was a simple question that just popped into my head one day. 'What would happen if Daddy's little girl fell in love with a man that Daddy loved, respected, envied and hated?'

7. Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?

I honestly believe that each story presents its own unique challenges, whether it's a character or a location or what have you. But there are also outside challenges to writing as well, like sometimes simply finding the time to write or the space to write in. For me personally, both of those have been an issue during this process. But I'm hoping to change all of that; I just created a little home office for myself on the second floor of my house so, things should get better.

8. Who designed the cover of your latest book?

The covers for the Pierced trilogy were sort of a group effort between me, my husband and a graphic artist named Rob Hood from Graphics Plus More. My original idea was that I wanted the covers to feel sort of retro, like the covers of the old romance novels my mom used to read. Even though the books are erotic in nature, I didn't want the covers to be a lot of skin and beefcake, if you know what I mean. Those types of covers are nice to look at but, I really wanted there to be sort of an air of mystery to them. A hint of romance, a whisper of danger.
The rose on the cover is an Esperance rose, and those roses play a part in each book of the trilogy; they become somewhat symbolic of Samantha and Joshua's relationship so, they play a part on each cover. The gun is, of course, Joshua's Sig Sauer that he carries with him everywhere. My husband is a retired police officer so that is his actual Sig that we used for the photo shoot. 

9. Do you have any advice for other writers?

I am so new to this game and so inexperienced, I can't imagine that I would have anything of value to impart to other writers. Except to tell all those aspiring writers to just write the book. You keep talking about it and thinking about it and fretting about it. Just write the book. Finish the story; complete the manuscript. The rest will work itself out.

10. Do you have a song or playlist (book soundtrack) that you think represents this book?

Yes, I do. And music actually plays a huge role in the storyline of each book in the trilogy. Each song was chosen very carefully in order to set a mood or to get inside the head of the character thinking about or listening to the song at the time. I have a page dedicated to the soundtrack on my blog site with links to hear the songs. You can find it here:

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Pierced By Danger
Pierced Trilogy, book 1
Lashell Collins

Genre:  Erotic Romance


Number of pages:  327
Word Count:  87,167

Cover Artist:  Rob Hood,

Book Description:

When stunningly beautiful drilling heiress, Samantha Colby is mugged one night, her misfortune leads to an encounter with the handsome and mysterious Detective Joshua Pierce. The reluctant celebutante is immediately taken by his rugged good looks, his take-charge attitude and his quiet concern for her safety. Unable to stop the disturbing thoughts suddenly running through his mind at the sight of her, Detective Pierce finds himself strangely captivated by her beauty, her innocence and her charm.

Inexplicably drawn to one another and unable to fight it, the pair embark on a passionate physical affair. But despite the safety and love Samantha feels when she's with him, she soon discovers that the good detective is a tormented man, haunted by ghosts and memories that he can't forget. But when it becomes clear that Samantha's mugging was only the beginning of her trouble, can Pierce find a way to quiet the demons that threaten to consume him in order to keep her safe, or will he allow his tortured past to destroy them both?

With heavy doses of romance, eroticism and heart, the Pierced Trilogy is a sweet tale of finding love, overcoming your past, and learning to hope for the future.

About the Author:

Lashell Collins was born and raised in a small Ohio town. And although her midwestern upbringing gave her a very practical outlook on life, it didn’t stop her from daydreaming about romance and love and all the special little things that make life magical.

Lashell has always loved to write and often dreamed about pursuing her passion, but like so many of us, she allowed life and circumstances to lead her down a very different path for a long time. An avid lover of both animals and flowers, Lashell has spent the last twenty years working in Veterinary Clinics and Garden Centers before finally finding the courage to take writing seriously.

She lives in Ohio with her husband and their two four-legged children, a Bernese Mountain Dog named Ben and an American Bobtail cat called Spike. She is a hopeless romantic, a huge music fan, loves to laugh and loves a happy ending.