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Playing with Power by Vanessa Liebe

Playing with Power
Vanessa Liebe

Genre: Erotic Romance Paranormal/ Fantasy

Publisher: Blushing Books

Date of Publication: 25th May

Number of pages:101

Cover Artist:Eris Adderly

Tagline: Playing with Power can get a girl into all sorts of trouble …

Book Description:

Playing with power can land a girl in all sorts of trouble with her man, as six ladies soon discover. Whether she’s a witch who disobeys the no-magic rule, a fairy making lust cakes, an amateur sorceress casting a spell on her boyfriend, a victim of an enchanted necklace, a revenge fairy messing with a deity, or a pleasure fairy abusing her abilities...

Once they’ve experienced the sensual consequences of playing with their magical powers, can these ladies find their happily for now with a hint of forever? Or have they spoiled their chances?

Publisher’s Note: This steamy anthology contains elements of power exchange.

Excerpt for Mature Audiences From Lust Cakes

Jasmine was about to turn and leave her cubicle, but she hadn’t noticed her sexy boss watching from his office doorway and then silently approach her. She jumped when he laid a hand on her shoulder from behind and drawled in her ear, “A moment in my office, if you please, Miss Sheridan, and bring the cupcakes with you.” 
Jasmine froze in shock, but her nipples tightened at the sound of his deep voice and the heat from his hand branded her skin through her thin silk blouse. She closed her eyes. This couldn’t be happening. Now the lust spell was in full force she just wanted to escape the office. She certainly didn’t want to risk eating one of her own cupcakes and neither did she want her gorgeous hunk of a boss to eat one. She hadn’t intended for him to have one. “Erm, can’t it wait until Monday morning, Mr. Rolfson?” She turned to face him and gasped when he didn’t step back. “I really have to get home.” 
Goodness, he was breath-taking up close and his deep blue eyes looked at her shrewdly. “I’m afraid not. I must insist you come with me.” Jasmine found herself putting her bag down, picking up the remaining cupcakes and following him into his office. “After you,” he said, standing in the doorway to let her through, before closing the door behind him. Jasmine gulped at the sound of the door clicking shut and tried not to be so aware of him, but his powerful presence seemed to fill the room and he aroused intense lust in her without having to eat one of her stupid cakes. 
“Will this take long, Mr. Rolfson?” She was a bit nervous as to why he wanted to see her and walked over to his desk to move away from him. 
“That rather depends on you.” 
She frowned at his enigmatic answer and watched him walk into the room and sit on his desk near her. “Please take a seat, Miss Sheridan, and put the cupcakes down.” 
Jasmine put the cupcakes down on the desk beside him, catching a whiff of spicy male cologne as she did so before sitting down in a chair facing him. She immediately realised her mistake because she had to look up at him and it made her feel vulnerable. “What seems to be the problem?” She bit her lower lip as she stared into his handsome face. 
Mr. Rolfson looked down at the cupcakes and then at her. “Well, the problem seems to be your lovely cupcakes, Miss Sheridan. They do indeed look delicious, but they seem to be having a strange effect on the whole office, wouldn’t you say?” 
Squirming under his close scrutiny, Jasmine blinked several times but she decided to try to brazen it out. After all, he couldn’t know what she was. “I’m not sure what you mean, Mr. Rolfson. My cupcakes are gluten free and low in calories. They shouldn’t be triggering any allergies.” Why was she so breathless? She licked her lips nervously and felt heat suffuse her body when his incredible eyes were drawn to the action and darkened with desire. Did he want her? Please let him want her. She felt another stirring of lust. 
“You know we’re not talking about allergies.” And the admonishing tone he used made her panties wet. 
“We’re not?” 
“No, Miss Sheridan, we’re not.” He smiled at her. “We’re talking about how all of my employees are currently fucking each other senseless after eating one of your cupcakes. I’m sure you couldn’t help but notice.”
Jasmine felt her pussy clench and her nipples harden at how he said ‘fuck’ in that sexy way, as though he wanted to do the same to her. “That’s ridiculous, Mr. Rolfson. Cupcakes can’t have that effect on someone.” She flicked back her long hair. “Now, if there isn’t anything else, I wish to go home.” 
His blue eyes looked intently at her. “Stay where you are,” he warned her and she gulped. “Cupcakes can have that effect if you’re a mischief fairy and have put a lust spell on them.” 
Jasmine gasped and her green eyes widened in horror. “How do you know that?” Then she cursed herself for blurting that out without thinking. 
Mr. Rolfson laughed, and she watched in stunned silence as a glow of gold appeared around his irises. “I know exactly what you are because I’m a vampire. I can sense other non-humans, especially fae.” 
She stood up abruptly, her heart thumping wildly. Jasmine was a little bit frightened of him now. As a fairy, she had powers, but as a vampire he was easily more powerful. She looked in dismay at this gorgeous man built like a Greek god and wondered why she hadn’t seen it before. He was too perfect to be human.
810 words
From ‘Amateur Witch’
Tammy awoke slowly, groaning as she moved her aching muscles. Strong arms were wrapped around her and she turned her head to see James fast asleep beside her. Easing herself out of his arms, she sat up with effort. They must have had one hell of a night because she felt sated and ached all over, in a really good way. She smiled at the memory of having the most amazing sex ever with James. He’d been an animal. Then she looked down at her body. There were bite marks on her arms and a couple on her breasts. “What the hell?” she gasped, pulling back the duvet. There were bite marks on her thighs too, like two little puncture wounds. Tammy frowned, trying to remember. “The spell!” She rubbed her forehead. “I turned James into a real vampire.” 
She gently shook him, and sleepy green eyes looked up at her. He gave a crooked grin. “Hi, babe. Was it a good party? I can’t really remember, but that’s a good thing, right? I hope I behaved myself.” 
He was back. Miracles did happen. 
“It was great,” she lied. “Do you want a coffee? I’m going downstairs to make one after I’ve showered.” 
“In a while.” He yawned. “Can I have some more sleep? I feel knackered, Tam. I don’t know what you’ve been doing to me all night.” 
Tammy smiled as he fell asleep, relieved to have him back. She got out of bed, took a quick shower, threw a long t-shirt on and found her cell phone. There were several curt texts from Cheryl, with a final, Where the fuck are you?
Her friend was going to kill her. Understandably. 
“Oh crap, I’d better call her.” Tammy felt so guilty. She called Cheryl’s number as she went downstairs to the kitchen. 
“Cheryl? I’m so sorry we didn’t make it and that I didn’t call or text you back, but I can explain.” 
“You’d better. I was royally pissed when you two didn’t show. I thought you were getting James to dress up and then you were coming straight over?” 
“The spell kind of went wrong.” Tammy explained everything as she boiled the kettle and prepared her coffee. “I got James to drink the potion and said the spell, but I turned him into a real vampire.” 
“You’re kidding!” 
“No, I’m not. Luckily, he didn’t want to kill me.” 
“What did he do?” 
“Spent the whole night biting me and we had incredible sex. That’s why we didn’t make it to the party. He wouldn’t let me leave the bedroom, and my god, Cheryl, it was good.” 
“Wow. Is he a vamp now?” 
“The spell seems to have worn off. He’s upstairs sleeping.” 
“You’ve been lucky, Tammy. I think you need to stop messing with magic, before you hurt yourself or someone else.” 
Tammy sighed. “I think you’re right. It was intense with James like that, but I never want to hurt him—or lose him—so I’ll lay off the magic.” 
Cheryl agreed. “I know it’s a tough decision, but some things are better off left alone.” Then she paused before asking curiously, “What was the bite like, though? Did it hurt?” 
“It hurt a bit when his fangs first pierced my skin, but then it was indescribably hot. His bites gave me the most intense orgasms, which lasted ages. You’d never believe it.” 
It really wasn’t something she could describe effectively. 
“Lucky you.” Her friend sounded envious. “Relish last night, Tam, but be grateful too. You had a real-life vampire in your bed and experienced hot loving which none of us will ever get to have and now you’ve got your man back. Do you know why the spell went wrong?” 
“No, I need to check the spell book.” 
“Well, after you’ve checked and ensured that James is permanently himself again, I would suggest getting rid of the damn thing so that you’re not tempted in the future.” 
Tammy knew her friend was right. She grabbed her coffee and carried on talking while she found the spell book. She took a gulp of coffee and then put the cup down and turned the pages until she located the correct spell. “Ah.”
“Ah?” Cheryl queried. “What do you mean ‘ah’?” 
“I mean there’s small print that I missed.” 
“Out with it then,” her friend demanded. 
“If you perform the spell on Halloween the person will actually become the character that you wish him or her to be for the duration of Halloween. Oh.” 
Cheryl laughed down the phone. “You’re so ditzy, Tam. You’re lucky you didn’t want him to dress as a monster or something. Imagine getting bedded by Big Foot.” 
Tammy ignored her friend. “Well, at least we’re both okay. No more magic for me. I’m sorry we didn’t make your party.” 
“I forgive you because you’re my best friend and you had a night of great sex with a vamped-up James. Now, take care, Tam and I’ll see you soon. I’ve gotta go, okay?” 
“Yeah, bye.” 
Tammy put her cell down after hanging up and silently drank her coffee. She was lucky she hadn’t done permanent damage to James or that he hadn’t hurt her while being a vampire. Still, it had been a really good night and maybe she could get James to be a bit different in the bedroom. More commanding. She finished her coffee and put the cup down. 
“Argh.” She yelped as strong arms suddenly grabbed her around the waist, pulling her against a hard chest. A mouth nuzzled her neck. “You scared me for a moment there, James,” she finally managed to gasp the words out, heart still pounding.

“Sorry, babe.” He licked the puncture wound on her neck and she shivered in response. Then she moaned as his hands slid up and under her t-shirt to cup her breasts. “I need to talk to you, Tam, because I have a confession to make,” he whispered in her ear as he massaged her breasts and pinched her nipples.

About the Author:

Vanessa Liebe is the author of fun, sexy erotic romance and erotica, both contemporary and historical. She mostly writes in the Fantasy and Paranormal categories as she likes a man with bite.

Vanessa is married with three children and resides in Hampshire, South East England. When not house training her children, reading or writing, she likes to sit in the garden with a glass of rose wine.

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