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The Assassin’s Daughter by Shana Vernon #urbanfantasy

The Assassin’s Daughter
The Hybrid Chronicles
Book One
Shana Vernon

Genre: Urban Fantasy
Date of Publication: July 15, 2020
ASIN: B089452Z7J
Cover Artist: Christian Bentulan

Book Description:

I've been hiding from the Guild since I was born.

If they knew about my magic, they would kill me in a heartbeat.

I should be avoiding them, but instead, I enter the Guild as a regular human recruit.


Papa went missing after a mission, and I need answers.

I realize I might have bitten off more than I can chew when my new instructor is the guy I kissed a few months before.

It doesn't seem like Cade recognizes me without my disguise, but if he does and blows the whistle, I'm as good as dead and so is Papa.


“Good morning, sunshine.”
I woke up to Cade’s entirely too upbeat voice ringing in my ears.
“Since when are you so happy in the morning?” Quinn asked Cade, amused.
I found both men standing over me expectantly. “What are you guys doing here?” I grumbled, wiping the sleep from my eyes and sitting up.
Sofia yawned and lifted her head, looking around. “What time is it?”
Cade sat down next to me, making himself comfortable, before answering, “We’re here to bring you to breakfast before your private session with Master Locke.”
Quinn responded to Sofia’s question. “It’s six forty-five in the morning.”
“Six forty-fucking-five in the morning? Go away!” Sofia shrieked, pulling the blanket over her face and giving us her back.
I looked from Cade to my bed and back toward his striking gaze.
“Just getting comfortable while we wait for you to get ready,” he said with a lopsided grin.
Is that a dimple? Please don't be a dimple.
He saw my inquisitive gaze and his smile widened. Yup, it’s a dimple.
How hadn’t I noticed that until now? I guess I hadn’t seen Cade smile very much before. I sighed and went to get ready for the day.
When I came back out, those who had woken from the commotion were already back to sleep and my two escorts were waiting by the door. I joined them and we walked to the cafeteria, the boys moving on either side of me.

“I don’t know what you did to him, Love, but he’s all happy and stuff,” Quinn said and then leaned in to fake whisper, “It’s weird.”
Cade leaned around me and playfully socked Quinn in the shoulder. “Fuck off, man.” We entered the room and Cade went straight to the egg station.
I made to follow him, but Quinn held me back.
“Look. I don’t know what’s going on with you two, but don’t forget what my gift is. I can sense what you are feeling for each other. I know how excited you were when you saw him today, even if you hid it well.” he scratched his head. “What I’m trying to, not so eloquently, say is that pushing aside or hiding feelings is not a good idea. It isn’t healthy, and ultimately, doesn't give you what you truly want.”
I was too stunned to reply, so I merely dipped my head in acknowledgment and went to get food.
Was I being emotionally unhealthy by denying my feelings for Cade?

I couldn’t imagine that any relationship where one person lied about their identity to the other was considered healthy, either. I felt so stuck at that moment. I would never abandon my goal of finding Papa, but want it or not, the walls I had put between myself and the people in the Guild were beginning to crumble.

About the Author:

Shana Vernon is a full-time writer and mother of triplet boys.

When she isn't writing or taking care of her kiddos, she is reading, exercising, experimenting with cooking, or traveling around the world.

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