Friday, January 27, 2006

Join Me at The Playgirl Ranch

Playgirl Posse... At The Ranch
So what's the Playgirl Posse?
As a Playgirl yourself, you may be interested to know there is now a gathering place for independent, adventurous women - women just like you. Yee Haw! Actually it's a wonderful thing. You'll be uniting with other Playgirls for a common goal: to harness the excitement and support of Playgirl enthusiasts worldwide. The Playgirl Posse is a place where women can freely enjoy their sensuality, and feel equally free to discuss it. Through the Playgirl Posse, our collective voice finally can be heard around the globe.

What is a Playgirl?Everyone knows a Playgirl. She's the woman who isn't afraid to speak her mind, live her dreams, and pursue her goals. She's the one who's not afraid to pursue the top job at the office - or the cutest guy at the party. And while she can be the warmest, funniest friend you've ever known, she's never afraid to step up and demand what's hers - including her own erotic entertainment.Belonging to the Playgirl Posse means becoming a Playgirl VIP. Your opinion matters to Playgirl, and can make a difference. Step forward and get roped into the fun of the Playgirl Posse.

Strike It Rich!So why not 'giddyup' and join the Playgirl Posse; a place for a Playgirl to let her hair down, and make a strong, definitive statement in the name of women's adult entertainment. If you're over 18 and ready for an adventure, sign up now! If you're rarin' to go, click here.

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