Thursday, February 09, 2006

New Contest and Calls for Submissions at TE

Flash Us Your Tits!

Another flash story contest here, sure to help put the 'tit' in Tit-Elation ;)

To enter, submit your erotic flash stories, approximately 800 words long (give or take a few hundred), featuring breasts.

Send us the hottest story and win "Best Use of Breasts in an Erotic Story."

The First Place prize is $10, along with the Contest Winner Icon.

Contest ends Midnight, March 3, 2006 (Central Time). All stories must be submitted via the author area, and comply with site guidelines. Remember to put "Tit Flash Contest" in the 'teaser' section of your story submission!
And, as always, all contest submissions accepted for publication at TE are subject to the same compensation as well as evaluation for the 'Best Of' quarterly publication.

Now, flash us those tits!

Lingerie Themed Erotica Print Project

Tit-Elation is now accepting calls for a lingerie themed erotica anthology.
All stories should feature descriptions of lingerie (slips, corsets, stockings, girdles, negligees, bra & panty sets, baby dolls, nighties, peignoirs, etc.), as well as the sensual elements (silk, satin, lace, etc) as part of the story context. Create stories so rich & sensual, that readers will never put their underwear on (or take it off) the same way again...

Open to stories that are original, unpublished and hetero, lesbian, and bisexual in content. Stories may be set in the past and the present.

Story length is not as important as story breadth. We are looking for stories which arouse and captivate the reader, and if you do that well, we'll be too excited to count words!

All stories are to be submitted via the site authors area.

All story submissions should add "Also for consideration for the Lingerie Anthology" in the teaser section of the site submission form.

All stories submitted for this anthology will also be considered for site publication as well as the quarterly 'Best Of' print book, and if accepted, compensated accordingly. As such, all submissions are subject to all the usual publication guidelines and, please, no simultaneous submissions. Multiple submissions are welcome.

Deadline: 03/17/06

Compensation: One copy of the anthology per story accepted, payable upon publication. Along with your name/pen name, authors will be allowed to include a two line bio, which may include website, other publications, etc.
Questions? Contact