Sunday, October 07, 2007

Sexy Paranormal Bedtime Stories

Sexy Paranormal Bedtime Stories
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"These red hot bedtime stories are guaranteed to keep your eyes open!"

Spicy, romantic, and some, downright creepy, this collection of stories from the best of the best names in short story writing will keep you turning the pages.

Stories By:
Moon Touched Magic by Terri Pray
The Music Box by Brittany Kingston
The Witch’s Reverend by Lisa Logan
Ghost of South Hall by Sonja Cassella
Lifetime of Love by Gerald Bosacker
Halloween Surprise by Roxanne Rhoads
The Virtuous Dream by Norman A. Rubin
Sea of Blood by Roxanne Rhoads
Raymond Doesn’t Remember by D. L. Russell
Emma Cadbury’s Voracious Husband
by Mark Lee Pearson
Dreams Still On You by D. L. Russell
Passion’s Cry by Adrianna Ravel