Haunted Flint

Haunted Flint

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sexy Paranormal Bedtime Stories Reviewed

Reviewed at Coffee Time Romance

ISBN# 978-0-9804133-9-7
October 2007
Eternal Press
129 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Moon Touched Magic by Terry Pray

Rhiannon has a dream lover, trapped in the body of a white owl. Eanna is the owl that flies above Rhiannon’s cabin. Can Rhiannon free Eanna from his prison with her love or will he distrust her?

Terri Pray has written a compelling story of jealousy and trust and how it corrupts. I enjoyed it.

The Music Box by Brittany Kingston

Steve Croft inherited a music box, said to once house the heart of a witch. Giselda is that witch, she is the woman Steve dreams of and now wishes to free. Will he free an innocent woman or a malevolent spirit?

Brittany Kingston has written a haunting tale of treachery and betrayal. This cautionary tale is an example of rumors being true.

The Witches Reverend by Lisa Logan

Rodmilla Les Claire is rumored to be both the town harlot and witch. Tom the Reverend speaks against her while encouraging her clients to repent. When she appears at one of those Sunday sermons, she decries his self-righteous attitude. Was he also one of her clients?

Lisa Logan has written a tale of hypocrisy. Be careful what you speak against in the light of day while indulging in the same in the dark of night. I liked it.

The Ghost of South Hall by Sonja Cassella

The lonely custodial secretary of UC of Republic is always searching for rumors of the unusual happenings around the campus. Mr. Reginald Johns committed suicide on the 3rd floor of South Hall. The secretary investigates the rumor and finds more than she bargains for.

Sonja Cassella has written a story of kindred spirits who have loneliness in common. Time does not seem to diminish emotions especially unrequited love. I enjoyed this haunting.

Lifetime of Love by Norman A. Rubin

Jode Brown encounters a woman, who appears shriveled and elf-like until he holds her and she becomes young. Felicia Lawless promises all the sexual delights a young man fantasizes. In one summer he experiences a lifetime of love and realizes a hard won truth.

Gerald Bosacker has written a cautionary tale of be careful what you wish for. It may not be worth it. I liked it.

Halloween Surprise by Roxanne Rhoads

Alcina and Estra are ghosts who get to experience the pleasures of the flesh once every twenty years on Halloween. Michael spies the two beauties dressed in old-fashioned garb at a local pub, all three are soon headed to his flat. What he experiences will change his life.

Roxanne Rhoads has written a cautionary tale about picking up strangers. Beware of strangers; they may not be what they appear to be. I thought this story hot and enticing.

The Virtuous Dream by Norman A. Rubin

Jasper is a virtuous accountant who comes across his boss and his boss’s secretary in a compromising position. Later he dreams of himself in his boss’s place and his overbearing wife awakens him shocked at his body’s reaction. How can you police your dreams?

Norman A. Rubin has written a tale of virtual reality becoming reality, at least in Jasper’s mind it did. I felt for him after his wife got after him. I enjoyed this story.

Sea of Blood by Roxanne Rhoads

Liana met the beautiful Nerissa over two hundred years ago on the Greek Island of Rhodes. They quickly become lovers and eventually Liana turns Nerissa with the Kiss of Darkness. Nerissa lures men to their cottage to survive.

Roxanne Rhoads has written a compelling story of wicked beauty with an ulterior motive. Every one who looks good is not good for you. I really liked this one.

Raymond Doesn’t Remember by D.L. Russell

Raymond Styles is dared by J.J. to visit the old witch’s house when he is sixteen years old. Now after twenty years, he returns for a high school reunion and is once again dared to visit the witch’s house. What greets him this time is shocking because he can not remember what happened all those years ago.

D.L. Russell has written a spine-tingling tale of youthful sexual inexperience and the conniving of an older woman. I was quite surprised at the conclusion. Great Tale.

Emma Cadbury’s Voracious Husband by Mark Lee Pearson

Emma Cadbury awakens to discover she has been transformed into medium grade chocolate. Her husband Terry wakes her later to kisses and licks when she realizes he is literally devouring her. Enjoying the attention none the less, she decides, Wow, what a way to go and go she does.
Mark Lee Pearson has written a sweet tale of love and demise by chocolate. It is a cute story.

Dreams Still On You by D.L. Russell

Walker Fintz runs a bookstore and dreams of a woman, who visits his bed almost nightly.
Paullina is a spirit who has found taking care of Walker quite fulfilling. Walker falls in love with the spirit. Why is she crying?

D. L. Russell has written a love story between an unloved spirit and an unloved man. It is nice when people, alive and dead, can find love. I felt for both characters.

Passion’s Cry by Adrianna Ravel

Jowena is married to the hunter Samuel Thyne who is hired to hunt down and kill the creature who inhabits the woods.

Edward Oldsmen is hired to assist with the hunt and instantly falls for the quiet Mrs. Thyne. She silently yearns for the younger hunter while he hides a secret from them all. Will she ever get her heart’s desire?

Adrianna Ravel has written a beautiful story about young love prevailing against overwhelming obstacles. I was not surprised by Edward’s secret but the conclusion was a nice ending.

This is quite a diverse collection of stories, each in their own way tells of some warning of dire consequences. The authors craft an individual world quickly and efficiently using minimum words with maximum impact. I would encourage all readers to check this anthology out.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books

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