Friday, July 24, 2009

Lots of News for a Busy Week

This week's been a busy one, no wonder it went by so fast. I have been at the computer working my tail off while hubby was out of town for work half the week.

But I've had some very good results from all that work.

I had a short story, "Cemetery Seduction", accepted by Midnight Showcase Fiction.

I've been writing my little fingers off so I hope to have some more stories accepted soon.

I also have a couple book and product reviews on the new site Mainstream Erotica, a very classy erotica site with everything from sexy horoscopes to classy erotic photos (no porn).

I discovered that some of my books are up for sale at, my Eternal Press ebooks are available at and my WCP Torrid release should be available there soon as well. Woo Hoo! Can you believe it, I've invaded BN?

More news that I forgot to mention last week, I may be judge for the RCRW Golden Rose Writing Contest. That's going to be so awesome.

And last but certainly not least I am going to be contributing to Michelle Hauf's VampChix blog. Now that is most definitely going to be a lot of fun.