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Interview and Giveaway with Eric Swett

Do you write in different genres?

I also write science fiction and fantasy novels. I've tried my hand at paranormal and contemporary fiction in short stories, but never anything novel length.

If yes which is your favorite genre to write?

I think science fiction is my favorite. The limitless possibilities interest me more than with other genre's. You would think that fantasy would have the same sort of appeal, but I find it limiting, but I know that is a hang-up on my part more than anything. 

How did you come up with the title for your latest book?

It was a torturous process. I am horrible at deciding what to use for a title. For this book I sat down with a friend who had read some of the book and we just shot ideas back and forth for a while until we came up with a title we liked. I still haven't figured out the title for the next book.

Do you title the book first or wait until after it’s complete?

I didn't decide on a title until I was almost finished with the first draft. Usually I have a working title that I can refer to, but with this book it was just my 100-Word Challenge until the final title was chosen. The rough draft was originally posted on my blog as a daily serial story that was written one-hundred words at a time.

What is your current “work in progress” or upcoming projects?

I am currently working on the sequel to Apocalypse Rising. It is another Urban Fantasy, but it is written a little different than the first book. Once I have it finished I'll take a little break for NaNoWriMo to crunch out a new first draft, then I'll write then next two books in this current series.

Do you have to travel much to do research for your books?

I do not, but if I could afford to travel more I would go places specifically for the research. I have been mulling over a paranormal romance idea that takes place in Tybee Island, Georgia because that is where my family likes to vacation, so maybe I'll keep a writer's eye on the surroundings when I go in November.

Who designed the cover of your latest book?

Jan Marie Parupia designed the book cover. She is good with graphic design and takes care of all of my promotional materials as well. She even did my book trailers.

Do you have any advice for other writers?

The advice I always give to writers is to not let the opinions of other writers stop you from writing. I had some pretty harsh criticism leveled at my first attempt at a novel and I let it stall me out for the better part of two years. Writers often judge other writers based on their own writing style, so what may be horrible to one will be gold to another. Keep your chin up and do not stop writing.

If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?

I would say my mentor has been Steve Umstead. He is an extremely talented author and he has always been willing to give me advice on writing, marketing, and grammar. He is the author I measure myself against.

Apocalypse Rising
Eric Swett

Genre: Urban Fantasy
Publisher: Haileybug Publishing

ISBN: 1477524533 
Smashwords:  9781476457451
ASIN:  B0085HB9C8

Number of pages:  178
Word Count: 58,042

Cover Artist:  Jan Marie Parupia

Book Description: 

Long ago, an Angel surrendered his memories and his power when he left Heaven behind, so that he could make a difference in the real world. A couple thousand years walking amongst the teaming masses of humanity has left him disillusioned, but he refuses to give up. He spends his time with the forgotten souls of an urban slum, making a difference wherever he can.

When Justin witnesses the brutal murder of a woman at the hands of a ruthless business tycoon, he must run before his eternal life is cut short. Justin must swallow his pride in order to save himself, and the one friend he has left. The journey back to the fold is filled with danger and discovery as he finds himself in a race towards the end of the world.

Author Bio: 

Eric Swett started writing a story at 100 words a day in the spring of 2011 as an exercise while he worked on his novel. One year later and that exercise turned into his first novel, "Apocalypse Rising."

He is the husband of Tracy and the father of Zachary and Connor. He works in the IT industry and is a recent transplant to North Carolina. He loves all things science fiction and fantasy and openly claims the title of geek.

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Blog: Http://

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Interesting interview but my computer made it hard to read. I had to highlite it. Book sounds amazing. Thanks for sharing.
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Eric Swett said...

Thank you for doing the interview. It is hard to read on here for some reason.