Thursday, November 08, 2012

Politics, Women and Writing Guest Blog by Kate Lynd

Today as I write this blog we are about two hours out from precincts closing on election night. I have watched the presidential campaign unfold over the last year and as a woman born in the mid-seventies, beneficiary of Title IX and the 19th amendment along with the trailblazers of fiction writing like that of Jane Austen, songwriters Dolly Parton and Patsy Cline I know I stand high upon their shoulders. Climbing the ladders put in place by the likes of my publisher Lea Shizas.

Writing what I do pushes the boundaries of romantic fiction. And finding my voice in a cacophony that demanded I fit in a box marked sweetness and light when I am dark and gritty was a hard road. Penning stories since I was 5. Attempting publication since I was 18, I landed my first contract with MuseItUp Publishing when I was 35.

Think. Lea Schizas and MuseItUp Publishing are located in Canada. First contract was with a heroine who had been victimized but had the skills to keep going and fight for what she believed in. She could hollow out a dime, her shot to kill if she had too, but she was vulnerable enough to love and she was determined to live the life she always dreamed she could have.

Traditional houses such as Harelquin and even their digital first imprint Carina Press have rejected every single manuscript I’ve ever sent them. Too dark. Heroine is cold blooded. All loved the hero. Who was painted very similarly to the heroine. Another Way to Die has received rave reviews and won awards now. I didn’t fit in a box. But in the small press world I found a world that accepted me. A woman owned house picked me, a woman writer with a strong heroine headlined story and made me cry the night I opened my email box and realized I had finally achieved a long held dream. Publication.

So now 12 contracts, 2 houses, and one WIP later I have my first print book, Bounty Hunter out. I have equal pay for equal work. Just as I got to play field hockey because of Title IX just as I exercised my 19th amendment right to vote at 10:30AM this morning. By the time this is posted and being read on the 8th we will know whether the United States embraced these advances or if like some socially backward Neanderthal we stumbled and these precious advancements will become endangered by the very people we chose to put in office.  

Bounty Hunter
Kate Lynd

Genre: Sci-fi erotic romance

Publisher: Hydra Publications

Number of pages: 142
Word Count: 41,559
Cover Artist: Frank Hall           

Book Description:

Dare to fall in love. Dare to change the world.

Logan Mitchell doesn’t like to mess around when it comes to business. He is a rarity, a half-breed human/alien who has survived the purge. The product of an illicit affair between a charismatic human rebel and a sympathetic female alien from the planet Lonegal he is an outsider. He is a bounty hunter, and he is the best at what he does.

Enslaved from the age of fifteen, Alabama Newsome is a half-breed who’s managed to escape once and exact her revenge on the killer of her human mother and Lonegal father. Labeled a terrorist she was recaptured, tortured, and made to suffer for her actions. With the help of Logan’s imprisoned father she escapes once again and General Runyon wants her back. She’s pregnant with his child and he’s sure she’ll abort it.

When her case file comes across Logan’s desk he’s forced to deal with the truth mixed in with the lies. And he must decide, bring her in, or risk everything just to save her life.

 Author Bio:

Kate Lynd is an award winning blogger and 2nd place finisher in the 2011 Preditors & Editors Reader’s Choice Award for Best Romance Short Story for No Ordinary Love. She also writes as Amy McCorkle. Her books include 2012 Moondance International Film Festival Semi-Finalist Another Way to Die, and Set Fire to the Rain. GLADIATOR is her most recent release with Bounty Hunter, her first print book due out in October.

Her official website is, reviews, guest posts, and her random thoughts are posted at her blog,, and she is peppered all over Facebook and Twitter under Amy Leigh McCorkle and @Kate_Lynd.