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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Music Playlist-Season Of The Witch by L.J.K. Oliva

Thanks so much for having me on, Roxanne!  Today, I'd like to share the playlist for Season Of The Witch.  This is the music I plotted to, wrote to, edited to...basically, what I hear in my head every time I think of Georgia and Darius.  You can listen to the whole thing for free on both YouTube and Spotify.

Happy reading/listening!

Quotable Playlist

1.  The Feral - Our Broken Garden
It was not accustomed to being summoned.

2.  Sinner's Prayer - Ray Charles
It wasn't every day a witch came to see him.

3.  Witchcraft - Wolfmother
"How did you know I'm a witch?" Her eyes widened.  "Are you part of the demimonde?"

4.  Guns - All Them Witches
The song she'd manifested poured through Hex's invisible speakers: Guns, by All Them Witches.  The familiar grinding guitar was a tonic for her strained nerves.

5.  All To Myself Alone - Ray Charles
Some nights, he just needed Ray.

6.  No Sugar In My Coffee - Caught A Ghost
It was more experiment than kiss.

7.  Hard Times - Ray Charles
The little girl wore the same My Little Pony's t-shirt as before.  Sound waves shimmered through her etheric form in time to Ray's rendition of Hard Times.

8.  Black Moon Spell - King Tuff
She raked her hands up his solid chest, fisted them around the lapels of his beautiful suit.  The fabric would wrinkle.  For some reason, that pleased her.

9.  Stuntin On The Dock Of The Bay (feat. Mac Mall, Bandaide, Rev P) - C-Fresh
The old projects looked just like he remembered.

10.  Don't Run From Me (feat. Locksmith) - Jarell Perry
Darius stared down at her.  For the first time since she'd known him, his face was an open book.

11.  We Run This City - The Infamous Dollasign, KeyRingz
"That you, blood?"
A chill ran down his spine.  The chorus of voices picked back up.
"Open the door, blood, open the door!"

12.  Psycho Animundi - Witch Mountain
Outside, a low, mechanical growl rumbled closer and closer.  Darius caught his breath.  He knew that sound, and it wasn't magic.
It was a motorcycle.

13.  Season Of The Witch - The Phantoms
It had been stupid to rely on someone this much.  Sloppy.  Maybe what was happening was for the best.  Hell, maybe it had been inevitable.

14.  Black Magic - Deluka
She skimmed the article while she walked back to where she'd parked.  It was predictably vague.  Number of victims, unclear.  Motive for killings, unclear.  Police working every possible lead.
Georgia snorted.  "Sure they are," she muttered.

15.  Bad Ritual - Timber Timbre
He raised his eyebrows.  "Is that it?"
Her face colored slightly.  "That was the spell, yeah.  Now we just have to...um..."
"Fuck."  He savored the way her eyes widened.  "Was that the word you were looking for?"

16.  Closer - Kings Of Leon
"You don't hide, Georgia.  The entire time I've known you, I've never once seen you hide.  Not from the other witches.  Not from the boys in HP.  Not from yourself."  Darius's voice dropped.  "I've been hiding for as long as I can remember.  Especially from myself."

17.  Georgia - Vance Joy
He slid the bag across the table, held his breath while Georgia picked it up and tugged it open.  She took out the tiny silver medallion inside.  Her forehead creased.  "Is this a saints medal?"

18.  I Put A Spell On You - Marilyn Manson
In that brief, unguarded moment, the house spoke to him.
Maybe not quite spoke.  More like whispered, in a voice that turned his blood to ice and painted dark pictures in his mind.  This time when he stared at it, he could see past the beautiful exterior to what lay within.
Absolute, unadulterated evil.

19.  Oak Tree - Mirel Wagner
The sweet, elusive aroma of lily-of-the-valley teased her senses.  Georgia tensed.  A voice she knew all too well spoke behind her.
"Welcome, sister.  I've been waiting for you."

20.  Georgia On My Mind - Ray Charles
He grinned.  "Your ride or mine?"
"You don't have a ride."
"Yours, then."  Darius stepped forward and boxed her against the counter.  Georgia's eyes flared, then he covered her lips with his.

21.  Death Walks Behind You - Atomic Rooster
Cyrus sounded grim.  "There's been an...incident.   You still have the number for that mundane detective?  MacMillian?"
Lena's pulse started to gallop.  "Of course.  But what-"
"You'd better call him."  Cyrus didn't wait for her to finish.  "You'd better call him right now.  We're going to need his help."


22.  Crazy In Love - Sofia Karlberg
Ellen closed one hand around her throat, slid her other hand down the front of her jeans.  "You think I did this to Georgia Clare.  Is that it?  You don't know for sure, but you think I might have.  At the very least, you think I wanted to."

Season Of The Witch
Shades Below
Book 1.5
L.J.K. Oliva

Genre: urban fantasy/paranormal romance

Date of Publication: Oct. 1, 2015

Word Count: 99,733

Cover Artist: Amy Mateyka

Book Description:

Something wicked this way comes...well, more wicked than usual.

Georgia Clare needs help, and fast.  As the lone survivor of—and witness to—her coven's brutal massacre, she's felt the killer hunting her.  There's just one problem: the rest of San Francisco's witching community wants nothing to do with her, and the one man she can turn to doesn't do witches.

Darius deCompostela has done his best to steer clear of subversive affairs.  A private investigator and reluctant medium, the last thing he wants is to advertise his existence to the things that go bump in the night.  But then Georgia knocks on his door, and try as he might, he can't turn her away.

It's just one case, after all.  It's not like it's going to change his life…

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Excerpt 2

She pushed through the glamour surrounding the exit, and shoved the door open.  Next thing she knew, she was in a narrow alley.  She allowed the door to slam shut behind her.  It immediately vanished into the aged brick wall.
Georgia sank against the side of the building.  She bent forward and rested her hands on her knees.  Fuck, was she stupid.  What the hell had convinced her waltzing into a floating club was a good idea?  She knew her history.  She knew what people thought of her.
She should have known better.
Something that sounded suspiciously like a door opening echoed through the alley.  Georgia hastily straightened and swiped her hands over her eyes.  A second later, Darius was standing next to her.  His eyes looked glazed, his face heavy.  He shook himself hard.
Georgia pressed her lips together and turned.
"Wait."  The word sounded slurred.
Georgia ignored the twinge in her chest.  "Forget it."
"Georgia, wait."
A hand closed around her arm.  Georgia yanked free.  Darius caught her again, this time spun her around to face him.  She hadn't expected him to shake off the glamour so fast.  Unbalanced, she stumbled headlong into his solid chest.  He stiffened, then his arms closed around her.
Her vision blurred.  She'd always known the witching world didn't want her.  Even so, she'd always maintained a tiny flicker of hope that maybe, someday, she might carve out a place for herself.
It was stupid.  Hell, she didn't even like most of the people in there.  She certainly didn't understand them, any more than they understood her.  The entire time she'd lived in the city, there was only one witch who had ever tried to connect with her.  Only one witch who had given her a chance.
Just her luck, that witch had gone and gotten herself murdered.
Georgia squeezed her eyes shut.  No good.  All she saw was the same grotesque still life that had been haunting her all week.  Study In Carnage.  She tried to breathe.  Thick metallic sweetness hit her tongue.
She didn't realize she was shaking until she felt Darius' hand slide down her back.  A low sound rumbled in his chest.  The echoes of it reverberated deep inside her, in a place words couldn't reach.
It took her a moment to realize he was shaking too; tight, controlled shivers she would have missed if they'd been farther apart.  Georgia's head reeled.  She didn't get this man.  One minute he all but threw her to the wolves, the next...what?  He felt her pain?
She hesitated, then awkwardly laid her cheek against his chest.
She lost track of how long they stood like that.  Gradually, she became aware of other things.  Of his large, impossibly gentle hand.  Of the cool, subtle slide of his suit jacket beneath her palm.  The fabric smelled expensive, but she kept catching a whiff of something else, too; something richly organic.  She'd never smelled anything quite like it.  She furrowed her forehead.  Then it struck her.
It was him.  Darius deCompostela, distilled down to the essence.  Georgia closed her eyes.  The tightness in her chest eased.
Several more minutes passed before she opened her eyes again and stepped back.  It took several more before her head was settled enough to think.  At last, she forced herself to look up.  "You really don't want me around, do you?"
Darius didn't answer.
She tried again, her voice stronger.  "Why?  And don't try to feed me that Joe-Pesci-Lethal-Weapon line again.  I'm a big girl.  I can smell bullshit like that a mile away."  Something occurred to her.  "It's because I'm a witch, isn't it?"
His dark eyes were impossible to read.  "This is your world, Ms. Clare, not mine.  But as long as I'm working this case, let me be clear: we're not partners.  I don't work with people like you."
She tried to be angry, but couldn't quite manage it.  "I won't forget that."
He didn't look away.  "I know."
Georgia swallowed hard.  She turned and started down the alley again.
This time, Darius didn't try to stop her.

About the Author:

L.J.K. Oliva is the devil-may-care alter-ego of noir romance novelist Laura Oliva. She likes her whiskey strong, her chocolate dark, and her steak bloody. L.J.K. likes monsters… and knows the darkest ones don’t live in closets.


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