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Hunted – A Vampwitch Novel by Kathleen Harryman #PNR

Hunted – A Vampwitch Novel
Book One
Kathleen Harryman

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Date of Publication: February 2021
ISBN: 978-1637603239
Word Count: 73988
Cover Artist: Kathleen Harryman

Tagline: Loving a werewolf is complicated. When everyone wants you dead, complicated is easy.

Book Description: 

Secrets can kill you…

For twenty-five years, Alice Quinn, believed she was human. That was until a fire demon killed her mother, and her father walked back into her life. As a vampire, being dead is not an acceptable reason for staying out of Alice’s life. 

Forced to accept her heritage and the dormant power she possesses as half-vampire and witch, Alice becomes submerged into a world of danger, where deadly forces threaten to strip away her humanity.

Stuck with a newfound family that doesn’t understand her. A ghost who doesn’t want to be dead, and a grumpy gnome, sent by her grandfather from Faerieland, to spy on her, life is more than challenging.

Alpha werewolf, Ethan Jefferies, has a choice, bring Alice back from the Ghost Plane or allow her to die. Ethan’s wolf has its own agenda, claiming Alice, he binds them together. But Alice wants more—she wants the man. 

Excerpt Two:

“Arthur’s going to assist with today’s lesson, dear, along with Jack.”

I want to ask why, but I’m not prepared to make Grumpy, grumpier. “Right, I’ll get something to eat and then we can start.”

“There’s no rush, dear.”

“Take your time, I’ve only been waiting three hours, what’s another three.”

I roll my eyes at Arthur’s comment.

“You’re being facetious. It won’t take me three hours to eat breakfast.”

Arthur folds his arms over his vast stomach. “Humph, I’ve seen what you can eat.”

I take no notice. The gnome will always need to vent out his opinions

“If I have to wait, I might as well have some elderflower water… warmed it’s cold out there.” He sends me an expectant look.

“Don’t look at me, I’m not your molly-maid, besides I don’t want to keep you waiting.” I pull out a chair next to Ethan, as Aunt Dot cooks my breakfast.

“You know where everything is Arthur.” The gnome huffs at Julian as he jumps from the stool.

“This wouldn’t happen in Faerieland. They look after gnomes there.”

“Doesn’t the word gnome come the from nineteenth century fairy tales?” I enquire, snagging a sausage off Ethan’s plate. “They use it in their stories to reference little people like brownies, or leprechauns.”

Arthur’s face reddens, angry at the downgrade in his status to the same as brownies and leprechauns.

“Alice.” Aunt Dot shouts at me and I drop the half-eaten sausage on the table.


She shakes her head at me. “Never take food off a wolf.”

Everyone is watching Ethan.

I look at the sausage. “Oh, do you want it back?” I hand him the half-eaten stick. “I’ve only had a big bite.” My lips twitch.

Arthur walks over, pulling out a chair and placing his glass on the table. A low growl omits from Ethan.

“She took the sausage not me.” The gnome takes his drink backing away.
Amber sparks light Ethan’s eyes. The wolf coming to the surface. I place a hand over Ethan’s and his eyes meet mine.

“Sorry, wolf, I didn’t mean any disrespect.”

The room is quiet, everyone is waiting for a storm to hit, and no one’s sure how to break the growing pressure.

“We’ve shared before and I didn’t think,”  I say trying to explain my lack of thought and calm the wolf.

Ethan shrugs and the wolf recedes. The tension in the room relaxes. “Not to worry.” His fingers graze mine as he pushes the sausage in my hand towards my lips.
Arthur huffs.

“I think you’re the one he’s mad at for sitting too close to him, not me.” Meat swirls round my mouth.

Aunt Dot places a plate of food in front of me, and I pick up a sausage. “Here, have one of mine,” I say handing the sausage to Ethan.

“I don’t believe it.” Arthur throws his hands in the air.

“Ok, what did I do now?”

“Nothing, Alice, don’t worry,” Ethan says as he pulls his chair back, accepting the offered food.

“It’s getting late, we’d best go.” Ethan nods at Julian.

I watch the two men leave, tucking into my breakfast, aware something significant has happened, but not understanding what.

“Well, that was interesting,” Jack says from my right, making me jump.

“I thought we agreed you wouldn’t do that anymore.”

“Do what?” False innocence rolls off him.

About the Author:

Kathleen Harryman is an award-winning storyteller and poet, living in historically rich city of York, North Yorkshire, England.

Kathleen was first published in 2015, a romantic suspense, The Other Side of the Looking Glass. Since then, she has developed a unique writing style, which readers enjoy, and is now a multi-published author of suspense, romantic suspense, psychological thrillers, historical romance, paranormal romance, and poetry.

The Independent Author Network: 

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I enjoyed reading the synopsis and excerpt, Hunted sounds like a must read for me. Thank you for sharing the author's info and book details