Friday, January 06, 2006

Reviews of My Story, Eternal Passions

Here are some pretty positive reviews I can live with on my story Eternal Passions published by Midnight Showcase in the Season Spirits Digest. You can buy the book here.

Season Spirits is an eclectic collection of paranormal tales that offers something different in each story.

Roxanne Rhodes takes readers to the beauty and magic that is New Orleans in her story, Eternal Passions. Liz Beth has lived with a haunting awareness of Quillon her entire life. The enigmatic vampire has consumed her dreams and influenced her career and yet he remains a mystery. A trip to New Orleans is her latest attempt to learn more about him. While there, she meets another mysterious man, Christien, a man that has the ability to consume her just as completely as Quillon. What is a woman to do between dream and reality? The premise behind Eternal Passions was unique. I enjoyed the concept that Quillon is a man she has been searching years for. The author’s use of the first person ensures that readers are with Liz Beth each moment of the telling, while also making this a highly erotic, sensual read. While somewhat predicable, I enjoyed the imagery Ms. Rhodes used and the eroticism that flavored Liz Beth’s relationships.

Season Spirits continues Midnight Showcase’s Season’s collection. The stories contained within this anthology are each unique and offers readers a variety of tales to while away the day with.

Reviewed by: Amanda (Note to Amanda, you spelled my name wrong, it's Rhoads not Rhodes)

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# 1555-5496October 2005
Midnight Showcase
148 Pages
Paranormal Erotic Romance
Rating: it got 5 cups

Eternal Passion by Roxanne Rhoads

Liz Beth is a parapsychologist who studies the supernatural. Quillon the Vampire has always haunted her in her dreams. She knows that somehow Quillon is connected to her ancestry.Christien is a very successful businessman with secrets. When he meets Liz Beth in a bar they share an exciting night of passion. She agrees to attend the Vampyre and Dark Masquerade Balls with Christien.While shopping for accessories for the balls, Liz Beth finds an old manuscript which has her family name listed in it. She knows this is connected to Quillon. What will she do when she discovers the truth? Even after an intense night of passion with Christien, memories of Quillon continue to haunt her.

Eternal Passion is a quick read with explicit sex scenes. If you are ready to read a very hot story and get in the Halloween mood this book is for you.

Season Spirits is a wonderful anthology filled with stories of Halloween. This book will certainly get you in the mood for tricks and treats.

Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance

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