Sunday, June 15, 2008

Kindred The Embraced and Other Vamp Shows

I was flipping through the channels last night and found Kindred The Embraced on the Chiller Channel. I haven't seen Kindred in years. I don't think I have seen all the episodes because the one I watched didn't strike a cord with me.

I remember thinking the show was great back in the day (before Buffy and Angel, Blood Ties and Moonlight) and I was upset that it was canceled but what I watched last night didn't make me think wow this was such a great show. In fact it was rather boring. I had forgotten all the people that were in it though: Kelly Rutherford, C Thomas Howell, the black cop from Dexter (sorry terrible with names), the guy that usually plays a scary psycho character and several others. Faces I recognize, names I suck at.

Anyway the show bit the dust early along with other vampire shows like the current cuts of Blood Ties and Moonlight. Hey not every vamp show can be Buffy and Angel hot with the ratings but there is a niche that needs to be filled but come on the networks need serious vampire aficionados to write the scripts. Normal writers hired to write vamp stuff don't cut it with the fans. We sit back and think oh no and so not happening like the sleeping in a freezer thing on Moonlight. WTF? Different but so not sexy. And the oh boo hoo I'm a vampire not a human thing is so played out. We got enough of vampire self hatred from Anne Rice's vamps.

Now don't get me wrong, I love, love, love Anne Rice, she is my idol so I am not knocking her at all. I'm just saying been there done that people need to move on and do something new. I love the alpha vamps who are sure of themselves and their power, they know who and what they are and have no problems doing what needs to be done. There's no "oh, I'm sorry I'm a monster I wish I wasn't". It's the monster, the power that makes them dangerous and sexy. The ultimate bad boy. YUM.

Hey, I'm not totally knocking Moonlight either. I watched every episode and hate to see it go, but honestly it needs some work. Mick is so sexy, he just needs to stop being so self loathing. You're a vampire, deal dude. If they vamped it up a bit (yeah pun intended) the show could be a hit. But they didn't give it a chance really.

Then Blood Ties, that is really a shame. I really liked that show. The books are awesome too. I seriously think if Blood Ties found a new home it would be a hit, Lifetime just isn't the home it needed. Too chick channel, guys feel alienated and won't watch it. And it really can appeal to both genders. I loved the wit it in the first episodes of Blood Ties though in the second season I didn't feel it as much. It's like it dried out. Bring back the magic of the first season and add some more romantic and sexy elements (in the books Vicki gets busy with both Henry and her sexy cop, Mike) and the viewers will watch. But Henry he's a vamp who's not afraid to be exactly what he is. I like that.

You know one thing that amazes me is the cop/private eye/reporter dynamic that appears in almost all of the vampire shows. Even Angel ended up as a private eye.

Anyway, come on TV execs bring back Blood Ties and get some new writers who know their vampire stuff to write a hit show. Really, come one. More sex, more blood, less boo hoo I wish I wasn't an immortal with super powers that will live forever as a hot young stud.

For all the Blood Ties fans out there. Go to SaveBloodTies. org and click the link to grab a Save Blood Ties banner. And for all the fans of other vamp shows write to the networks, make some noise. Vampire fans unite- we need our fix. Old reruns have been played out and watched too many times. We need fresh blood! (Yes, pun totally intended.)