Friday, November 04, 2011

What’s Next in the Paranormal Craze?

Since the whole Twilight phenomenon has had paranormal books flying off the shelves everyone is trying to get in on the game and figure out what’s going to be next big thing in the supernatural line up.

Werewolves and other were-creatures came in second after vampires, which they always have. Many love the furry but they have never won the top spot. Poor Wolfman has always played second best to Dracula much like poor Jacob plays second to Edward in Twilight (personally I am on team Jacob- he’s so hawt!).

Then zombies were slated to be the next vampire with a rash of movies and books dedicated to the brainless monsters . Come on, really? A rotting corpse as the next hero hottie? Not in my book. Honestly I can’t see zombies being as popular as vampires…ever.

A whole lot of other supes (supernatural types) are being tossed into books from witches to demons to fairies, even mermaids, but most of all ...Angels.

It’s all over the place, angels are the new vampires. Hmmm…I admit angels have their appeal but I really can’t see them having the same charisma or seduction factor. Plus they are so wrapped up in religious connotations that may make some people squirm. Seriously who wants Angels of God as super sexy characters in a paranormal erotica book?

I think J.R. Ward might have started the angel thing tossing that sparkling angel guy into her Black Dagger Brotherhood series then starting a whole new series solely about angels. Now two new books are hitting the shelves including and Falling, fly by Skyler White and Angelology by Danielle Trussoni and there’s a handful more angel books out there ready to read...

But are they the new vampires? Will they take over the top spot? Not likely. Of course I am a diehard vampire fan from way back. While I love paranormal characters of many flavors vampires will always have my heart and be in my top spot.

What about you? Which supernatural creature is your all time favorite?


loves to dive said...

While I don't have a favorite I do like angels. Who can forget Nicolas Cage in City of Angels, yummy and so romantic. I've been fascinated with them ever since I've seen that movie.